Friday, August 31, 2007

new teabox

Last week I bought a lovely blue teabox with with pink roses on it.They where also in white and pink, I just couldsn't decide.......So I decided to take 2 blue ones and one pink.I'm going to use 2 of them in my craftroom and the other one is on the dining table.I love to change the decorations every now and then. So maybe the pink one will show up somewhere here too.

Another corner where I placed some other decorations.I have found the pie......... in our thriftshop a while ago.I just can't tell the english name for it......but you can put your freshbaked pie on it.

Here is the wall hanging I'm working on. I love the colours and I enjoy working on it. I have patched it together by hand and now I'm quilting it by hand. Then I have to find the perfect place to hang it.

Here is finally a photo of the needlekeeper I received from Donna( chooky blue). It's a lovely pink needlekeeper with lots of space for my needles, she also included a beautiful x stitch sampler and some chocolate, but that's allready been eaten .
I'm finishing a small halloween x stitch and when that's finished I'm going to stitch the sampler.


Elly said...

Wat ben jij een prachtige quilt aan het maken!!! Word hier stiekum bijna jaloers op, echt geweldig!
Enne... leuk theeblikje, bij mij staat er ook een blauwe op het aanrecht!
Voor dat geld hoef je het niet te laten.

Levin (and Emily) said...

love your tea tray - and especially the cup on it! just beautiful.
i also love the quilt you are making - it looks fantastic. I am hoping to make one too one day, but at the moment i have so many things on the go.
i'm not sure what the pie........ is called. i know that what my mum calls in dutch ondersettejes (ok excuse the appalling spelling but i left holland when i was 2yrs old) we call trivets but i don't think the the same as a trivet. isn't the english language fickle.

Paula said...

Wow! Beautiful things in your post today. I absolutely love that wall hanging you are quilting. Really pretty colors you have used.
You are a very talented lady!

Hemma på Landet said...

Very cute and very nice. Huga Stina

Gnat said...

Love the tea box!!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi before the "Fall into Autumn" Dishcloth Swap starts!!

Naturegirl said...

Love your wall hanging and the tea tray!! The ~cooling rack~ is lovely hanging there with your collection os treasures! :)NG

Mia said...

The wall hanging you are working on is just beautiful. And the fact that you have patched it together by hand and are also quilting it by hand is just amazing (a lot of work!) I also love the teaboxes with the pretty roses in it. Such a clever idea to use two of them in your craftroom (there is always use for storageboxes in ones craftroom).

Tante Tee said...

Hoi Monique, leuk blikje hoor! heb 'm ook, kon ook eigenlijk niet kiezen...

Leuke blog heb je ook!!!

Groetjes Marloes

Anonymous said...

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