Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some people wanted to know the online link to a great site with some online video's that explain how to knit socks. So here is the link. I think they are great and really helped me knitting my first sock.

Here is my sock yesterday afternoon, I just finished the heel here.
And here I'm allready knitting the foot.It allready is starting to look like a real sock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely like knitting socks and I know I will be knitting more socks from now on.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I have been wanting to try knitting socks for a long time.But somehow I didn't got to it, thought it was too difficult for me.This week I received this lovely pair of socks knitted by my penpal Lene.

She also gave me the name of a site with online video's explaining how to knit socks. So I looked at that site and decided that it was finally time to start knitting socks.
First I found it very difficult to handle those 4 needles, but soon I got used to it.
And here is finally the start of my first sock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is what it looks like this morning. Now I have to get started on the heel, that's a very difficult part for me. So I have to check some video's first.....

And here is my clapotis.
It is finally beginning to look like a clapotis. I really like the colour changes of the yarn. I just can't wait to have it finished.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I belong to a wondeful Dutch cross stitch yahoo group and we're doing an exchange this time.
I'm still working on mine so I can't show it yet.It has to be send in a couple of weeks so when my partner received it I will post a photo. Here is what I got, isn;t it cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here are some photo's of our garden. This is a wisteria I planted last year. We already had a wisteria for many years but it never got any flowers.....So last year I wanted to try it again and bought another one.
And finally this one has some flowers in it.

And our cute rabbit, beertje( little bear).

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Here is the start of my clapotis scarf, I love the yarn and the pattern very much.I have started on the clapotis last thursday , then I took this photo.I'm allready much further now, it's so easy and lovely to knit.
More photo's wil follow.

I have been picking some elderly flowers( vlierbloesem) yesterday and I put them in these canning jars for 24 hours, together with lemons and water. Tomorrow I'm making lemonade from it. I'm also drying some of the flowers to use as a tea when someone here is having the flu or a cold .I love this photo, these filled jars are very decorative .

I have also been painting a couple of small furniture. A small flower table and a chair.
I really love these white furnitures. Maybe I'm trying to paint more of our furniture some day.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I bought this lovely tin this afternoon, inside it is a wonderful smelling candle.

This is a sock I crocheted for my cell phone.I'm working on 2 bigger projects and yesterday evening I wanted a small project in between.

These lovely flowers where also in my last post. I forgot to mention that my husband and I got it from our kids for our 18th wedding anniversary last saturday. What a great couple of kids we have.

This plate and the small bowl are my latest thriftshop finds.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This morning I decided that it was time to place our furniture in other positions.
I have tried this before but somehow it never felt right and I ended up putting everything back on it's old place.
This morning I was very nervous because I had to go to the dentist for a check up. So I started cleaning and moving the furniture around like crazy so I wouldn't think about the dentist. When everything was on it's place I took a good look and I was very amazed!!!!!!! I really loved it.
So I'm going to keep the livingroom like this.

And the other good thing was that I completely forgot about my visit to the dentist.......well almost.
It was just a short visit , everything was just fine . When I left I got a nice present , a bottle of champagne .They told me that I was one of their first client , 25 years ago.
That was a very nice present.

Here are the photo's I took of our new after I was dome with our livingroom.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I have been participating in the Spring fling swap from the Sweet Goodness Swaps.I absolutely LOVE this swap. Just take a look at all the wonderful things that Dita, my swap partner has send to me. Some are thrifted items and others are made by her.The swap theme was pink and green and it should spell the word SPRING.For me Dita changed it into the Dutch word for Spring, Lente.
And that's a wonderful idea.

She also send some lovely fabric and buttons.

I love the colours of this scarf. I had to hold on to it or else my daughters had took it.

I never had a crochet case, so I was very thrilled to see it in my package.It's beautiful.

A lovely notebook.

And this is amazing! A thrifted cup and Dita made the candle in it , and it smells so wonderful!

And some lovelty tea with a heart shaped tea ball.

This was a wonderful swap and I'm looking forward to their summer swap.
Again thank you very much for all the wonderfull things that you gave me Dita.
And also I want to thank the swap hosts Lucy and Rebecca for organising this swap.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

These geraniums are from last year. During the summer they where outside and in the fall I brought them inside.They still are doing great, with lots of flowers.
I really love these plants and I have tried to make cutlings from them a couple of weeks ago. They are also doing great.
Now I also want some pink ones.
I used to work for an elderly woman and she had the most beautiful geraniums.She had some that I had never seen in the shops.She gave me a cutling but unfortunately it didn't last long.Since then I always look for that kind of geranium everywhere but still no luck.

This is a wreath made with small, thin pieces of branches, I found it at a craft fair.

This is a country prim decoration I made last year.I'm very fond of it and I want to make a couple more of those country prim stitcheries.

And this is a photo of our toilet. Here is another country prim stitchery and I made the white wreath with macaroni and then I painted it white. It hing in our kitchen for a while and now I thought that this is also a nice place to hang it.