Friday, August 24, 2007

Here is the dishcloth I knitted.The cotton yarn has lovely colours and I really like the pattern. I have almost finished another dishcloth in the same pattern. It's very easy to do in front of the tv, and that's great because I love to keep my hands busy while I'm watching tv.

I just love these kind of trays and I always have some of them filled with old teapots, cups , plates and other things. And I like to change them every now and then.

Here is another book I found recently, a lovely x stitch book filled with hearts!

And it's still a few more days untill my birthday but I'm allready getting cards. So lovely!
The card on the right is very beautiful, the person that have send it to me x stitched the lovely cat.Great huh!


Sharon Kay said...

Hi......I can not knit but I do have a little round loom that I use to make dish clothes. I like you like to keep busy while watching TV. I love the pattern that you knit in yours. A happy birthday wish to you and I love the cards, the one with the cat is to cute.........Sharon K

Little Mysteries said...

Love the dish cloth, its colours are so wonderful. Happy Birthday to you.

Elly said...

Wat een lief tafereeltje op je dienblad.En wéér zo'n leuk boekje op de kop getikt...!!! En natuurlijk de complimentjes voor je breiwerk. Ben je inmiddels al jarig??? In iedere geval alvast van harte gefeliciteerd!

littlewanda said...

Happy Birthday, Monique!

Stitchinwitch said...

That dishcloth looks fabulous
Happy Birthday

Sarah said...

lovely dishcloth, I must make some too! birthday wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Secret Pal,
I wish you a very happy birthday!
I'm very sorry I couldn't compose the first SP11 package to you for your birthday, but you'll get it in September.
Have a nice day!
Your SP

Kieny said...

I love the dishcloth, the colours are lovely and I like the pattern. Happy birthday!

Mia said...

I really like your knitted dishcloth, such pretty colours and pattern. An dwhat a great idea to have something easy to do while watching the TV. I like to chrocet granny squares while I watch. Your tray with all the lovely china looks very pretty indeed. I can well understand why you like such trays. And last, but not least, Happy Birthday to you!

Levin (and Emily) said...

Firstly, Happy Birthday for the big day - in September???
I like collecting cups and saucers too - I have lots of beautiful old ones that I'm too scared to use in case I break them. I bring them out and have special tea parties - lots of fun really. I even managed to find some cute ones for the kids and we head into the backyard under the shade of the gum tree and drink tea and eat cake!
Love the dishcloths - I'm going to start knitting them too!

Diane said...

Hi Monique,

I got your letter yesterday and I will be writing back in the next day or two. Your holiday sounded heavenly!

Love your web blog!

In case my letter doesn't arrive before your birthday, Happy Birthday!!

Have a wonderful day, your California Pal,


moderncountry said...

Hi Monique!
A while ago isn`t it? Yes, the time flies as they say..i can`t believe that you found these lovely books with lovely quilting, knitting and crochet patterns in it for only 20 euro cents each. That`s amazing!! I really love what you are knitting on now, the orange top. Oh no, you started knitting dishclothes instead didn`t you? :) I love the latest dish dishcloth that you made, the pattern looks lovely. And your butler tray with china, so pretty!!
I am so in love with china, and specially teacups with rose-pattern on it :) Yes, this weekend i find a couple of those, and in a few days i will show you on my site. When do you celebrate your birthday? So i could congratulate you i mean..I wish you a very good Wednesday, love from Aina (",)

bj the knit newbie said...


I found your blog on the Christmas Around the World Swap. I think it will be fun.

I love your dishcloth and wonder if you would tell me where you got the pattern.


Secretgirl said...

Hoi Monique wat een leuke blog!!!
wat maak jij toch mooie dingen zeg!
ik ga je onder mijn favorieten zetten. ik heb je in ravelry gevonden.!

Anonymous said...