Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is what I'm knitting at the moment. A lovely cotton top for myself.It's a lovely pattern and not too difficult. At least that's what I thought......I have frogged it a couple of times allready.So yesterday I just put it aside and started knitting some dishcloths . I wanted to post that photo as well but blogger wouldn't let me. So hopefully I can show it tomorrow.

Today I took a look around the thriftshop and I thought I was in heaven Ü. I found these couple of books for only 20 euro cents each!!!!!!!
I have looked inside of them for a short minute and they where great.There are lots of lovely quilting., knitting and crochet patterns in them.


Mia said...

I can see you are busy knitting all manner of wonderful things! I am still working on my granny squares (crocheting). How about your socks, have you knitted enough to see you through winter?

Erika Cass Designs said...

I like the color you chose for the top. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. I'm a "treasure hunter" too although I haven't been able to go thrifting in quite awhile because of the kiddos. You have so many wonderful vintage things in your home, but where did the red enamelware go that was in your living room?
I adore the pink banner you made too. I love anything with that shabby chic look.
Anyhoo, just one of your swap-bot blog buddies stopping by to take a look at your wonderful blog. :o)

flieburrell said...

looks like you're going to have fun with all your "new" books!

Levin (and Emily) said...

The top looks lovely and your treasures from the second hand shops are great - it's always lovely to stumble across some great finds.

ina said...

ik ben gek op gebreide gehaakte vestjes ,koop ze ,ik brei haak ze niet zelf k heb er een paar van miss etam gr ina ,leuk wel om te dioen ,maar helaas te weinig tijd !

Hemma på landet said...

So nice. You can really do this. Hug Stina

Yes, the pictures are from a Shop.:-)

Elly said...

Wat leuk die oude boekjes! Staat vast een hoop leuks in om te maken.
Je bent voor jezelf trouwens ook iets moois aan het maken, ik kom niet verder dan de konijntjes waar ik er ondertussen al 4 van gemaakt heb, en nu ben ik bezig met een kussentje, maar kleding.... daar waag ik me niet meer aan. Wacht het resultaat af!

corry said...

Wat een leuke boekjes! Die patchwork tassen die erin staan zijn echt geweldig! Die handdoeken die jij breit kun je die ook echt gebruiken voor drogen of gebruik je ze ergens anders voor?