Monday, January 24, 2011

allmost going to New York!!!!!!!!!

I have had again so many troubles with blogger. It just didn't allow me to write anything on my blog and when it let me write something, it wouldn't let me post photo's.......such a pain in the ..........

Some wonderful news.........Just a little more then a week and my daughter Desiree and I will be on a plane to New York!!! I just can't wait anymore lol.
It's a birthday present for my daughters 21th birthday .
She became 21 last December and we think that's a very special birthday. After a lot of thinking of what to give her we decided that I'm going to New York with her. We will be staying there for 5 days.

Here are some photo's of our livingroom.
I have finished this wall hanging a year ago, I made it completely by hand and it was the first real quilt I made.

This is my chair, I always sitting there, watching tv and keep my hands busy with something to knit, crochet, quilt or x stitch.

This is the wall across our table.With some lovely prints of foxes, pheasants and English Springer Spaniels. And also a lovely bird.

This is on the other wall from our table.

Underneath the plant there is a little Amish doll I made.

The staircase.

And this is a shelf made by my husband and it's hanging in our toilet.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy belated Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy belated Christmas and New Year to everyone!Is it already Januar again!!!!!

I have done a lot of working these past few weeks at the bakery as it's the most busy time of year.I have decorated the tree and put some garlands around the house but haven't been able to make some flower arangements. I even had to wrap some presents on Christmas eve.....Then I have tried a couple of times to post a small comment here and there and tried to write something small on my blog but blogger just wouldn't let me. At this moment I have been trying to get something written on my blog since half an hour. So I keep my fingers crossed if this gets on my blog!
If this works I will be back again tomorrow to look at lots of lovely blogs and write something there