Saturday, October 28, 2006

There is not much going on here lately.

But I have to show you this. I found all these nice pieces of fabric at a thriftshop! I thought I was in heaven Ü.

I have washed everything so hopefully I can start making some things out of it this weekend.
I hope that all of you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's such lovely autumn weather that we decided to take a walk through the forrest last sunday.I was hoping to see lots of beautiful colours, but most of the trees where still green.I was told that because of the mild weather most of the leafs where still green.When it turns colder and starts a bit to freeze the leafs will turn in those beautiful colours.We still saw some beautiful things.
I really like this picture with the horses.

Then we also saw lots of beautiful mushrooms.

Soon I hope to make some pictures of a forrest in beautiful colours.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Look what came in the mail today!!!!!!! A wonderful tea towel swap from Lori.I was so happy when the mailman gave it to me.

This was what was inside it.A beautiful embroidered tea towel by Lori with dancing spoons on it and 2 beautiful vintage tea towels.She also send me 2 recipes that I'm certainly going to try soon.Then she also send me lovely fabric and some beautiful buttons, a great magazine and a lovely....I can't come up with the correct english word......Stupid of me! I just love everything very, very much.So Thanks Lori.
By the way, she has a wonderful blog that is worth visiting. It's called

Here are some photo's of the teatowels.

I have made some more photo's of the other things she send, but I did something wrong putting them from the camera on to the computer. it's now too dark to get good photo's so I will made them again tomorrow and post them on my blog then.

This is a brooch I made yesterday. I found the pattern in a book from the library , and I like it a lot. My daughters already told me that they want one also.

I just joined a brooch/ pin swap over at swap bot and I want to make some of these for it.

Here it is on a knitted bag I recently have found at a thriftshop for only 1 euro.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

This is for the tea towel swap I joined.I had so much fun getting it together.And I just came back from the post office to send it to Lori.
I just hopes she likes it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I have been to the thriftshop last week and there I found a nice vintage towel.I don't know the correct word for it , but they used to hang them in front of the tea towels.Here a close up of a small part of it.

Isn't this lovely!!!!!!!!

Then I found a lovely vintage Dutch tablecloth.I haven't found such great things for a long time.

I'm so thrilled!

This is a potholder I made for my mother.I don't know what happened to the colour? It's a lovely light blue but in this photo it looks grey....I have made another one in a darker blue colour but I haven't made a photo of that yet.

At this moment I'm allmost finished with a tea towel swap.I have bought a vintage Dutch tea towel and I have bought a new one that looks like some of our vintage ones.I'm allmost finished with embellishing it.Then I'm going to include something extra and 2 lovely recipes........When my swap partner received her package I will post a photo of it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

This past week I have been busy knitting, knitting and some x stitching....I have joined a knitted purse swap and the purse is almost knitted. Then I'm going to try and felt it. I'm also knitting some potholders for my mothers birthday tomorrow. I will make some pictures when they're ready.

Here a couple of pictures from our dogs.
This picture was taken after a nice swim.

Here are mother and daughter.

Isn't she cute!!!!!!!!!!

I aslo participated in the pincushion challenge. This month it hat to be recycled, and I choose an old canning jar filled with old buttons. The pincushion is made from an old pillow.Next we will have a pincushion swap , I can't wait to get started with that.

And finally some x stitching. I found this lovely freebie for Halloween at San Man originals.They have more nice freebies and I also joined the forum. It's a great group!

I hope that everybody has a lovely weekend.