Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This small hanging is a pattern from grandma's kitchen, for her surprise packages.It's almost ready and I just love it. I'm allready looking forward to the next package.

I made this small bag and stitchmarkers for a swap I'm in at Ravelry.

This is a teabag cozy I made for another swap at Ravelry.

And these gorgious things I received from a swap at Ravelry.

This necklace my swap partner made herself and she also knitted a part of it,just lovely!

We're going on vacation tomorrow to Spain and I will be back on my blog in 3 weeks.
lately I haven't been very good at blogging because I had a very hectic time but after our vacation I'm going to try and blog more often and visit all these lovely blogs more too.
I hope you all have a lovely summer!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just a short post to tell you I am in another wonderful swap .It's the bag/bucket swap over at all stitched up
I'm really looking forward to this swap too.
Tomorrow I will make some photo's of things I'm working on so that I can post them on my blog.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

http://hugsnkisses.typepad.com/hugsfromhelen/stitchers.html " target="_blank">I am a Stitchers' Angel

I just joined the Stitchers Angel swap project over at the wonderful blog hugs and kisses.I have copied a bit of text from that blog:
There are two ways of taking part. First visit here every week beginning Monday 18th August to view and print a free pattern - yes a free pattern from a fantastic designer. There will be seven free patterns here for you all to collect, one each week.

Secondly, you can join in the swap by filling out and emailing a form. You will be allocated a Secret Stitching angel and will be given a Stitcher for you to spoil. Over the seven weeks you need to hand make at least three projects to surprise your stitcher with. Of course you can make more than three but it must be at least three. And you too will receive at least three lovely surprises in your letter box.

The theme of the swap is Stitching so all of the free projects will be stitching accessories such as needlebook, pincushions, scissor fobs etc. You dont have to make the free projects but you do need to make stitching accessories for your secret Stitcher. To make this fun we will keep your identity a secret! You can reveal yourselves anyway you like at the end of the swap.

this really sounds like so much fun that I can hardly wait Ü.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I just can't place the text here I will have to do it like this.

This is the puppy that we have kept, Abbey.

I'm finally back online again. A couple of weeks ago our computer suddenly crashed. Off course that happened when Marcel( my husband) was in Russia for his work. When he came back we found out that our hard disk was completely crashed. at first it looked like we lost everything. We made a back up about half a year ago so there where lots of things lost. The most important things where all the photo's of our puppies.

Then we where lucky to found someone who was able to get everything from our crashed hard disk, yippie!!!!!

I have been making lots of things lately but I haven't made any photo's yet.

I will do that tomorrow and then I will post them here.