Thursday, August 31, 2006

Over at Hulda's blog I saw a post about favourite plants.As I also love plants I want to show some of mine.
This one is a streptocarpus, it's a very lovely plant.

I had one of those for my birthday and I liked the pot and the plant so much I bought another one. I don't know it's name in English but we call it slaapkamer geluk.Quickly translated it says bedroom luck.

These are peperomia's, a lovely plant for places with some shadow.

This cactus we call Easter cactus, because he blooms around Easter.

And here he is without the flowers.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thank you all for your nice birthday wishes.It was so very nice to receive them.
On Saturday it rained a lot but on Sunday we had lovely weather and we where able to sit in the sun all afternoon. So that was just lovely !

That's my oldest daughter Desiree, Gwenn and the birthday girl Ü.
I took another photo that afternoon of my banner.I really like it much more then the plastic one we had.

And here are my birthday presents. I'm very happy with all these beautiful presents.

I also got a new bike for my birthday but I forgot to make a photo of it.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Here are some photo's of our cat and 3 dogs.
This one was taken almost a year ago. Diesel loved to sit on our shoulder when we sat behind the computer.He is such a cutie! And here he is last month.
This is our oldest dog Duke, he will be 11 in November.
And here is Gwenn, she is 5 years old.
And finally their daughter Meghan who just turned 3.

It's my birthday tomorrow and we always like to bake some pies and the kids (almost) always like to help.

Look what my daughter Astrid made today! Doesn't it look tasty?

That's it for now. I think I will have some coffee and then I will hang my vintage pink banner in our livingroom.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Finally the school has started again for my kids. Astrid and Marco went to school yesterday and today Desiree also started. Both Marco and Desiree started at a new school so it was very exhiting for them.They both liked their new school and Astrid was glad to meet all her friends from school again.It's a bit strange for me, now I'm completely alone for lunch during the week.........

Here are the 2 bunnies I made for a baby boy and his sister.I think they're lovely, and i just love the pattern.I was very happy when I found this free pattern at Wee Wonderful originals patterns.I have seen them on other blogs allready and now I finally had an ocasion to make them.

And finally some photo's of my pink banner. Here you can see some of the vintage fabrics I used.
Then I just wanted to hang it in our livingroom to see how it looks like.The photo's are a bit dark, that is because with our camera it's difficult to make photo's when it's getting dark. I just forgot that when I took them this evening.....

Now I must make the blue banner, but I got plenty of time to do that. The first time I will need it is in Februar. So first I want to finish the small quilt I'm also working on.I will try to make some photo's of it tomorrow.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

At last it's weekend again!!!!!!!!!
I just came back from a bike ride with my son Marco. He is going to a new school in a nearby village this Tuesday. And so that he knows how he must ride we went together and I showed him. It's not very far, about 40 minutes by bike.

On Thursday I have been to the thrift shop together with my daughter Astrid who also likesgoing to thrift shops and fleamarkets. This time we didn't find much.When I look at other blogs and read all about the wonderful things they found at thrift shops, I get a little sad.....I think that I live in the wrong country....... It's real difficult to find vintage fabrics, vintage buttons, aprons, quilts things like that.And when I do find some the prices are very, very high......
Here is a photo what I found, it's difficult to see but the fabric is a lovely pale blue and white stripe.The yarn is a lovely wool and the small book is a thriller. What I love is the book called de smaak van het landleven, translated it's the taste of country life.It's gorgious!!!!!!!!!!!!It contains lots of recipes and the most beautiful photo's. I hope that everybody has a nice weekend.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I don't know what is wrong with blogger but it took forever to load these photo's today.I was almost ready to give it up because I want to go upstairs to my craftroom and finish 2 bunnies I'm working on. It's a present for a baby boy and his sister. Yesterday I wanted to finish my banner but I found out I couldn't because I ran out of white thread.......I have lots and lots of colours but not the colour I needed!!!!!! So tomorrow after work I have to run to the market to buy some.Here is a photo of my kids taken on our vacation in Spain this year,it's Marco,Desiree and Astrid.

This is a small table runner I made last year. I like to decorate with my old, vintage things and I'm always making little corners with them.

This is a small lap afghan I'm working on.

Let the cold weather come!!!!!

No on second thoughts, not yet.....I have my birthday in 11 days and I'm hoping that we can sit outside that day.

Here is a closer look at my cupboard that's filled with lots and lots of yardsale , thriftshop and fleamarket finds.According to my kids it's completely full now......

Is it?????????

I joined the thrifting challenge I found at the wonderful blog "Apron thrift girl".It's such a wonderful idea. I allways see the most wonderful thrifted things on blogs. I don't know if I can find some great stuff at our thrift shop but I will do my best.

There was also a nice button for the challenge but now I have to figure out how to put it on my sidebar ,as well as some of the blogs I like to read . I have tried, asked for help and tried again but I can't find out how it's done.Perhaps something is missing on my blog and I can't place these things on my sidebar.Could that be possible?

I allready got 2 lovely cards for my birthday from my penpals.This one looks like a vintage one, I love it.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I want to thank all of you for all the nice comments I received after I wrote about the accident of my daughter Astrid.
We're so glad that she is ok!
She is still a little bit sore , but the doctor told us that in a couple of weeks she will feel fine again.We allready have bought her another bike because next week she needs it to go to school.When she was riding at the spot where the accident happened she was a little scared, she also said that she will be very, very careful from now on.

I found this lovely snowman fabric on ebay last week.I'm sure that I can think of lots of things to make from it.

This evening I made this peg bag from vintage fabric I have bought at a thrift shop a couple of weeks ago.I found this pattern on the internet and in 30 minutes I had a lovely vintage peg bag......

These are 2 wonderful old craft books I also found at the thrift shop. They are full of the most wonderful ideas.It's allways so nice to find such lovely things.

I'm making a small quilt and I had some fabric left over so I started thinking what else I could to with the fabric that was left over.These are fun and so easy to make.

I can't find the english word for,it in our dictionary.....

I'm going to make a couple more of them and maybe I will make some more for some coming birthdays.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm pretty shaky still, a terrible thing happened yesterday afternoon!

We got a call from Desiree , my oldest daughter, saying that Astrid, my other daughter just had been hit by a car and that we come there quick!!!!!!!!
I'm sure you can imagine how scared I was. I didn't know how bad she was hurt etc. They wheren't far away as they just left on their bikes to visit a friend. I jumped on my bike and went to them. It was very near by but it was the longest ride of my whole life! All kinds of terrible things went through my head.

There where allready a lot of people helping, somebody called for an ambulance, another one was leading the traffic and another one was with Astrid. She was laying in the grass and was awake. She seemed to be ok, only her back and legs where hurting. The man from the car she has been hit by said that he hit her bike and she did fly through the air and landed on his front window. He was also very upset. Desiree couldn't stop crying as she saw it all. Then soon after that the police came and the ambulance. They checked her there and because of her back they brought her to the hospital. I went with them and Marcel came wit our own car. In the hospital they checked everything and also made photo's. They told her she was very, very lucky that the man didn't drove hard and that she landed on the grass and not on the road so now she has nothing broken. She really hurted her muscles and she is bleeding on her arm, a leg and foot because the skin is gone for small parts. They all took care of that and after a couple of hours we came back home.

We where still shaky , she was too. But we're all so thankfull that she is fine as it could have easily ended completely different.Today I can't stop thinking about all the terrible things that could have happened to her, and that we where very, very lucky! She sure must had a guardian angel with her!
She is doing fine now, only a little bit sore and her back is still hurting a bit.

The man that hit her called yesterday to ask how she was doing and just now he also called to see if she's allright. he told me that he was so upsett that he couldn't sleep well last night as he was thinking about the accident all the time and how terrible it was.It's real nice of hime to call and show he cares of what happened to Astrid.

I wanted to finish my banner but I just didn't feel like it. So maybe tomorrow I can finish it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I just came home from the dentist with my son Marco.
First I wanted to start preparing for dinner but then my oldest daughter called to ask if it's allright that she stays for dinner at her friends house, I said that's ok. Then a couple of minutes later my other daughter called with the same question...........My husband is working the evening shift so it's now just Marco and myself. So the cabbage, potatoes and meat will have to wait until tomorrow's dinner and instead we will have a simple bread meal for dinner.
So now I had some time left to do some blogging again. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a nice weekend with lovely sunny weather again, so we could sit in the garden.Today it's all a little grey outside again and we had a little bit of rain.

This evening I'm hoping to get my banner in different pink fabrics ready and I want to get started on a blue banner for the men in this household. I just can't hang a pink banner in our livingroom at their birthdays........

I'm searching on the internet for a knitted purse pattern for the knitted purse swap I joined. I just can't wait to get started with it.....

Here is a photo of some things that I made last year.My sister and I decided to hire a table at a fleamarket here in town and I wanted to sell some of my homemade things. But that was not such a good idea! The people that visited that fleamarket where only intersted in bargains. They almost wanted my things for free, can you believe that ?
We went back home earlier then planned and now I'm mostly giving them as birthday presents. Maybe some day I will look if I can find a nice craft fair to sell them, but it's hard to find craft fairs at all around here.

I liked to make this kitchen wreath and I'm thinking of making a bedroom wreath also. A bathroom wreath would also be great.
You just can hang all kind of things on them.

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's Friday again , so nice ! It was very busy this morning in the bakery where I work ( I bring their deliveries and I also help out behind the counter ).In about an hour I have to go back to deliver 2 wedding cakes , normally I only work in the morning.At this moment it's raining very hard here....I do hope that it's finished when I have to go through it on my bike.

I'm so exhited, I have joined my second swap. This is a knitted purse swap and I can't wait to get started.

Here is a lovely photo of my cat Diesel where he keeps an eye on our neighbours.

This is the apron that I made from a vintage cushion I found at a thriftshop a while ago. It's just a simple one but I like it a lot.

And I have made some book covers , I made one first for myself and when I liked the way it looked I made another one for my friends birthday. We both love buttons so I sewed a couple of them on it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It has been too hot to sit in my craftroom in the attic lately.But finally we're having some cooler weather and I have been crafting again.

Normally when we're having a birthday we have plastic banners hanging in our livingroom. But now I wanted some fabric banners. So I have been going to my stash of vintage fabrics and started sewing.Here is the beginning of it.
When I have completed it I 'll place a photo of it.

Here is a close up of an afghan that I'm crocheting for my daughter Astrid.

I'm hoping to have it ready by christmas and as you can see I still have a lot of work to do before it's ready......

I also have made an apron from a pillow that I have found in a thriftshop.
But I forgot to make a photo of it so I will post that another time.