Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You know life is too busy when...

You've been tagged and you don't remember until days later
You haven't blogged in days
You think cooking is frozen dinners in the freezer
You ask yourself why on earth you committed to do all the things you said you would do way back when they sounded so great
The only clothes you wear make you look like you can't afford to buy any new clothes
I found this on someone elses blog and it is so true!

Here is a hat I knitted for my daughter. it's very difficult to get a good picture of it. I might have to ask her to model it for a good photo.

I was in a valentines exchange and this is what I received from Chantal.It was all lovely wrapped . And I received a great cd, a keychain with lovely beads and a heart, a bag for storage of my slippers and a lovely crochet and patchwork magazine.

I can't show the things I made her because unfortunately she hasn't received it yet. I truly hope it will arrive soon. I don't know why it takes so long.........
Chantal was also the one that gave me a award, a you make my day reward. I was so happy to receive that award! Thank you very, very much!
I guess lots of people allready received that award so I won't send it , but I think all you people deserve it.