Saturday, October 27, 2007

And here is finally my finished san man original Halloween pillowcushion.I have started this stitchery last year , but it was allready close to Halloween and I didn't finish it on time.So I picked it up a while ago and I decided to make a small pillow from it. I really love the way it looks. Now I have to finish the Halloween pattern I started stitching a while ago and hopefully I can finish that tonight.

Here are some lovely things I received from my new penfriend Manon. She is also from the Netherlands and it's amazing to see how many things we have in common!
She knows how much I love Christmas so she send me this cute embellishment from snowmans.They are adorable.

And she also send me these 2 lovely doilies.

She also has a lovely blog, you can find it here
I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm finally back with a post on my blog.
At the moment I'm knitting some Christmas gifts, I can't tell more because they sometimes are looking at my blog.........
This is allready finished since wednesday but I won't show the photo because it's obvious what it is. It was fun and easy to make and the wool ( scheepjes wol) I found at the thriftshop and I only payed 50 cents for a skein. It's 80% wool so that was a nice bargain. They had 6 skeins and I bought them all.

And here is another knitting project I'm working on. It's going to be a top for myself and I'm almost finished with the front and the back. But I'm not sure if I have enough yarn. Acording to the pattern I should have enough but this is allready my last skein.I just keep my fingers crossed.

I made this photo last night.
I always love to burn lots of candles and during Fall and Winter I burn even more candles.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Here a view from my livingroom through the kitchen......
One of our dogs is always very nosy and he is taking a look through the window.

These are some ornaments I bought last week.They had lots of nice ornaments so I couldn't choose.
These hearts are great and can be used for anything.I was thinking about using it as a label on a gift.

These are sooo lovely, I adore angels.I'm going to find a nice place for them.

And here are some Christmas ornaments, I just couldn't resist buying them.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This is what I'm knitting at the moment. This is going to be a short sleeved top for myself. It's just a very easy pattern, great to do while watching tv.The other top that I was knitting is being put away.I keep making mistakes so I did a lot of frogging.............maybe one day I'm going to try it again.
Here are my cross stitch projects I'm working on.
Maybe I'm going to frame it or turn it into a small pillow, I don't know it yet.

And this is a tiny stitching that I will turn into a scissors fob.

I belong to a nice cross stitchers group on the internet and we're having some exchanges going on. This is the kitted up freebie exchange I put together for last month.
I put the freebie kit in this selfmade fabric bag.

Monday, October 01, 2007

I belong to a wonderful dutch forum, all the woman there love to decorate their house with beautiful furniture and decorations. We had a forumday last week, it was a lovely day. We have never met each other in real live. We only have talked to each other on the forum. But it was so great to meet everybody.
We all brought someting to eat or drink with us and the first part of the day we talked and talked and talked some more . Then we had lunch and then we had a lovely workshop, painting and decorating a bottle and turned it into an oillamp.
We also made a present and we didn't know for who it was.It just felt like Sinterklaas ( a Dutch holiday ) with all those presents.
I received those wafels you see on this photo. They're not real, but for decoration. Aren't they great!
On this photo you also see one of the oillamps I made.

Here are the presents that I made, 2 lavenderbags.

Here are all the bottles of that day.The other one I made is the thirth on the left.