Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm finally completely back online and able to post and place photo's here!Wonderful.
Here are some photo's of our new house.It's the first block and the second house . We have to make new photo's because it allready looks a lot different allready.
Last week we where suprised to hear that instead of April our house will we ready somewhere in the beginning of Februar. So now we have to get started with packing everything.

I have redecorated this shelf a little while ago. I really love the look of it.Although some people aren't too happy about the little picture but I love it eventhough we're not religious.

I made this decoration also a little while ago.

And I have received some wonderful things in swaps I participated. Unfortunately I forgot to take photo's of the things I made.
Isn't this bag gorgious!

And this needlecase too.

And this pincushion also.

I have been to a craft fair in Rotterdam in November. This was a gorgious stand from atelier Bep with lots and lots of wonderful things.

These are the things I bought there.

I bought more things there but somehow blogger won't let me post them.
I wil be back soon as I have more photo's to show.
Unfortunately I have to get away from the computer because my son wants to get behind the computer. But I will come by for visits at some wonderful blogs that I have missed for all this time soon.