Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is a small wallhanging of an Amish couple I made a while ago and somehow blogger wants this photo placed only like this, sorry.

And a cute sheep stitchery I made, i just love sheep.

And a quilted table runner I made from a charm pack that someone bought in the USA,. I'm in love with these lovely pieces of fabric. It was difficult to get matching fabric as the fabrics here in the quiltshop are different then the charm pack. But I manage to find some good matching fabric in the end.

And I'm trying to see if I can place a small video we made from our puppies when they had something else to eat for the first was made of puppymilk and something else but i can't find the correct english word for it.I think it is porridge but I'm not sure. It's something that babies also get to eat for the first time after milk.


Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much for your sweet comment:)
I just discovered your blog too and I am for sure gonna come back :)

Felicity said...

Love your sweet stitching, the table runner is lovely! Fliss xxx