Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm finally completely back online and able to post and place photo's here!Wonderful.
Here are some photo's of our new house.It's the first block and the second house . We have to make new photo's because it allready looks a lot different allready.
Last week we where suprised to hear that instead of April our house will we ready somewhere in the beginning of Februar. So now we have to get started with packing everything.

I have redecorated this shelf a little while ago. I really love the look of it.Although some people aren't too happy about the little picture but I love it eventhough we're not religious.

I made this decoration also a little while ago.

And I have received some wonderful things in swaps I participated. Unfortunately I forgot to take photo's of the things I made.
Isn't this bag gorgious!

And this needlecase too.

And this pincushion also.

I have been to a craft fair in Rotterdam in November. This was a gorgious stand from atelier Bep with lots and lots of wonderful things.

These are the things I bought there.

I bought more things there but somehow blogger won't let me post them.
I wil be back soon as I have more photo's to show.
Unfortunately I have to get away from the computer because my son wants to get behind the computer. But I will come by for visits at some wonderful blogs that I have missed for all this time soon.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm still here but unfortunately our computer is still not working so I have to use our old
computer and unfortunately it isn't working allways!
I hope that I can place this message. And sadly I can't post any photo's, and I have lots of photo's to share. I just keep my fingers crossed that this huge problem will be solved soon.
I have allso been trying to comment on all these wonderful blogs that I follow but most of the time I can't do that either, sorry!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm finally back online again. You can never guess what happened here!!!!!!!!!!
Our computer just stopped working again gggrrrrrrr!

Hopefully it can be fixed very soon. For now my husband brought our old computer downstairs again so at least we have access to internet. There are several things that aren't working on this compter and I don't know if I can upload photo's and put them on my blog. So this will be all for now. Later this evening I will try and take a look on some peoples blogs and see if I can post a comment.
Hope to be back soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Over the last couple of days I have been trying to post here but blogger just wouldn't let me!
I just don't know why.
But I just kept on trying and here i finally am again.
Here are some latest photo's of our new house.It's going real fast now and that's great!!!
This is our house and the flag is finally on top. This is a view into our street. The houses opposite from ours are allmost ready and today we saw that the first 4 where allready been given to their owners. That means that from now on we can walk through our street legaly, instead of breaking in into the building side Ü.

The house on the right is again ours.

And I have received some lovely swaps and this is the first one that I will show, this week I will post about the others after I have taken photo's from them.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday is always my day off and usually I'm busy cleaning, doing the laundry, ....................I did all that but I also changed a couple of decorations in our livingroom.
I just love doing that!
This is something I really love poor mans silver, I hope that this is the correct translation of armeluis zilver. The small statue here is a gift my husband received for donating blood for many years. I thought it was a strange statue( I don't like it that much, please don't tell my husband.............).I tried to get rid of it , but my husband brought it back to the livingroom again and again. So I better had to place it somewhere in the livingroom for now!

These lovely medalions I also bought at the webshop zink&zo, and the heart was a gift from the nice owner of that shop..

And some more new decorations are placed in the livingroom.
The olive tree I had standing outside but because of the weather I decided to bring it inside. I don't know if it can stand inside but I'll just will see.

I have bought this cute heart in a garden center in Belgium a couple of weeks ago.
They had several sizes and I just had to buy them.

So cute!

And here are some photo's I just took. it's always so lovely to have many candles burning in the evening. This one is with the camera light on , and the others are without.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I have found a great webshop that sell wonderful things,
When I received my package there was also a small present in it, that's so sweet.
And she wraps the packages in a gorgious way, just look at this!

Here is the first present that came with it.

And here is the second present.

This is the magazine I ordered, it's absolutely a gorgious magazine full with the most beautiful scandinavian interiors.
I also bought the christmas book from Jeanne Dárc and that's gorgious too. I have forgotten to take a photo of it. Will do that soon.
Here is a bag that I made for the bag and bucket swap.I'm very pleased with how it looks, and it was a bit hard to say goodbye to it today.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I made this flower arangement last week. Making those is a big hobby of me and I just love doing it. When I worked at a garden center called Intratuin it was part of my job. I gave demontstrations in how to make flower arangements and I also gave kids workshops and kids birthday parties and I helped with flower arangement workshops. It was a wonderful time there .

A couple of weeks we went to a lovely Autumn fair in the province Zeeland. There I bought this cute heart and the lovely ribbons.

I have been looking for what seems like ages for a certain old fashioned plant. I don't know the english word for it but we call it a chinees lantaarntje. I have seen it in many Scandinavian blogs and it reminded me of my youth when I had such a plant in my bedroom. I have been looking at the big garden centers and for it and in small flowershops but I can't seem to find it anywhere, so sad.
But I won't give up and will continue to search for it.
At a cute small flowershop here in town I found these cute plants,they're called muehlenbeckia.
I just love them too.

And here is my baby bunny I got from my sun for my birthday, his name is Darryl. Isn't he cute!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I have received my package from the Fall apron swap. I have received a gorgious apron that I can wear like this

And like this, great huh.
That is, the apron not me. I never like the photo's I'm on.

And I also received this lovely potholder.

These where made by Theresa and this is her blog
Thank you very much Theresa for this great package, I just LOVE it!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Here are the 2 sisters together again. Lotje stayed with us for 2 weeks because her new owners went on vacation. They both had a wonderful time together.They played in a fenced part of our garden, unfortunately I had some potplants and some decorations still standing there.....You can guess what happened with it!
Well, that's my fault, I should have known and removed them.
One thing that happened was a bit scary though. I had an old enamel ware milkcan there and suddenly I heard lots of noise so I looked outside. There I saw Abbey stuck with her head in it, I tried to get her out of it but I couldn't. So I shouted for my husband to help me.She was in panic and her hart went so fast, mine too!
It took some time but after we used water and soap her head got out.

This is an apron I made for the fall apron swap I was in.
Hopefully my partner likes it.

And here are some of my birthday presents.

And these lovely things I received from a swap over at crochetaholics swap from my partner Joann.

My husband is at work and it is a very rainy day so I think I will do some crafting this afternoon.
Have a lovely sunday.