Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm making some socks of this wonderful yarn I received from my swap partner from sp11. It's gorgious yarn and I love knitting with it.

I have been to the first snb evening of the snb group in Etten Leur. It's a very nice group of woman, we chatted a lot, done some knitting, looked at several nice knitting books and we all had a lovely evening.

I have bought some fabric so I can start with another quilt as soon as my small wallhanging is ready.

And these lovey fabrics I have bought last year on our weekly market. It's lovely dutch fabric and I'm going to use that for several projects.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Here is my cat Diesel on his favourite spot where he can watch everything that comes by Ü.

This week I made this lovely hot pad for my teapot.I have put lots of lavender in it so when the hot teapot is on it the room smells lovely. I hand quilted the heart and it gives a great effect.

And here is finally the swap I received from Teresa. She made me this lovely scarf, look at those beautiful stitches! She also send me some yarn so I can make mittens. It's gorgious!

She also made me this lovely dishcloth.

I also received some lovely chocolates but they where gone before I could get the camera....
And I received a lovely stitchery kit but somehow I removed the photo from the camera and now I'm working on it. I will show it here when it's done.
Here is Teresa's blog http://happyyarns.blogspot.com/
This lovey card, gorgious hand-dyed yarn and cute charm I received from Christie.
It's from the rak group over at Jayne's attic forum.

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I just started this lovely stitchery. I found a lovely blog that shares a lovely pattern each month and this is the first one. I just couldn't resist Ü, you can find the blog over here


And I have been in a wonderful secret santa swap over at chookyblue. For my swap partner I made the post bag I wrote about in an earlier post and this is what I received from my secret santa. I managed to wait with opening it untill christmas morning! It was hard but I managed.
I just love the fabric that Janet used for the notebook, and look at that gorgious buttons!!!!!!

She also send me this wonderful card of a lovely Quilt card, inside is the patern for this gorgious stitchery that I definately want to make. So thanks again very much Janet.
You can visit her lovely blog at http://wildcraftfarm.typepad.com/wildcraft_farm

I will finally post some photo's I received in a swap called christmas around the world soon.
I have been wanting to post them yesterday but blogger didn't want me to post them......

Friday, January 11, 2008

I can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted on my blog....... I guess with the holidays and so it has been a very busy time.
I finally show you the last package I received from my sp 11 partner. Since the last package I know that it was Anne that send me al these lovely things. Here is her blog, it's a lovely blog so go on over for a visit.take a look there http://golden.vuodatus.net/blog/964084#commentsrp
These are scended candles and they smell great.

I also received some very lovely yarn and I was thrilled to receive them.

I received some more yarn and a country homes and interiours magazine but somehow blogger wasn't able to post them, so I will give it another try this weekend.

I took part in the xmas ornie 2007 and I received this beautiful stitchery from Mylene.
She also has a lovely blog which you can visit here http://crafterintexel.blogspot.com/

And this ornament I made for my stitch partner.