Monday, July 31, 2006

some garden photo's

Finally we are getting some cooler weather , it was just too hot lately.
I haven't been doing much lately, just sit down and relax.....
Here are a couple of photo's from our garden taken earlier this year.

Friday, July 28, 2006

some photo's of our livingroom

I have looked at so many lovely photo's of beautiful homes so I wanted to share some of mine. I don't know if I completely understand how this works so I just give it a try....

I love to decorate our house with old , vintage things and I specially love French brocante. I like to decorate with flower arangements, old enamel ware, linens, lace, pillows, quilts, afghans, teapots and teacups, plates, picture frames, canning jars filled with all kinds of things.....

This photo shows a part of the livingroom near the kitchen .

Here is our dining - kitchen table with my cupboard full of teapots, teacups, plates , linens etc. My kids allways say that I should stop buying more things because it's allready full. But then I just laugh and say "full , no way ".

A view from front to back.

A flower arangement I made.

An old cupboard filled with some more brocante.

The front part of our livingroom.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I am trying to find out how everything is working here , as I'm totally new to this.Anyway, this is a photo of me and 2 of our dogs in our garden.

my first blog

I have been reading many lovely blogs for a while now and I wanted to create one myself finally.I'm very exhited about this and I hope that everything will go fine....
This blog will be about all the things that I love.