Friday, August 29, 2008

I always like to change the decorations in my house. And last wednesday it was my 43th birthday so that was a good excuse to re-decorate a bit in my livingroom again.
Here are some photo's.

These where allready there but I changed it a little bit.

I really love geraniums, this one I bought last year and he is still doing great.

Then I just also love old enamel ware. I have colected lots and lots of it allready. My husband and kids are not really pleased with all those old, vintage things I collect .......... They think I have far too many of them allready!
Not at all!!!!!!!!!

Some lovely smelling soaps.
And more old enamel ware.

After I took the last photo I knew something was missing.
A lovely ribbon.

I found a lovely piece of lace that was just right for my cupboard.

And my sweet cat Diesel.

I hope that you all wil have a lovely weekend.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're back from a wonderful and relaxed vacation in Spain. because we brought our little puppy with us this was a very realxed vacation and we mostly spend our time on the camping, on the beach and in Calella.
We all enjoyed ourselves and we had lovely and sunny weather. What more do we need.
We didn't made many photo's partly because it's our third year here in Calella.
Here are some of the photo's.

this is our sweet little Abbey on the beach.

A sock I'm working on.

My son Marco.
On this day the waves where very high and he loved it.

Me crocheting.

And some more knitting.

My daughter Desiree, my son Marco and me on a market.

And Abbey again.

I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend.