Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We had a nice weekend, it was such lovely and sunny weather that when my family came for my birthday we where able to sit in the sun the whole time.Unfortunately it seems that somewhere around the end of the week it's going to rain again.So we better enjoy this weather now. When I'm ready writing this post I might go to our vegeatable garden and work a bit in it.
I want to show you a couple of photo's of my cat Diesel.
Yesterday I finished folding some laundry, I just went into the kitchen for a moment and when I came back Diesel was laying in my laundry basket. He loves to sleep in baskets, here he found some empty laundry baskets.

And here he is laying under the rabbit cage.


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Monique, the weather has been the same here in the UK- lovely, isn't it?!! - Make the most of it...
Your cat is so cute.

cityfarmer said...

aaaaahhhh we had a bunny for two years named honey bunney...she now has been adapted by the neighbors so we still get to see her....I do love her dearly...and she knows me when I pop over to see her.

chat soon.

Becky said...

heheheh! So cute. My cat jumps under the sheets and blankets when I'm making the bed. I have to gently take her out and she jumps right under again and again until the bed is finally made.
~your cat is beautiful.

Hulda said...

What a lovely little kitticat! ;)

Paula said...

Very cute! We used to have a cat that did the same thing. You could always find her curled up in the laundry basket.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

What do you know...I sign on to leave a comment and find my Mom over there on the left (cityfarmer).
Anyways, your kitchen is DARLING!!! I love the floor. I painted my front porch floor like that - I should post the photos someday.
I love the pot rack hanging from the ceiling and look forward to more posts!