Friday, September 01, 2006

I was looking for some dishcloth patterns on internet when I found the monthly dishcloth kal. It seems like a lot of fun so I joined them. I was already working on this pink dishcloth and when I have this finished I'm starting with the september kal.They send an email each day with parts of the pattern, 7 rows each time. So it's a big suprise how it will look in the end.

This is a cross stitch of Marjolein Bastin, she is a famous artist from the Netherlands.I have made this some time ago but I wanted to show it. It's so lovely!
There was a big fair that lasted 3 days here in town and I was able to buy these knitting magazines for just 1 Euro.There are some great patterns in them.One of the things that I want to make is the hat, it looks great!

And I also bought some yarn on that fair,I really love the pink and lilac colours and it's real soft.
Well, As soon as I have finished this post I'm going to knit!

Have a lovely Friday.


FarmgirlCyn said...

Love the dishrag! I am currently working on a free one from my local knit shop. Keeps my fingers busy when I am taking my stepdad to physical therapy. You know the saying, "idle hands are the devil's workshop!!!
I have just learned to knit this last year. I am hoping to take a class on felted mittens this fall. So much to do, so little time!

Hulda said...

Your dishrag seems to be very cute! And I really like the cross stich picture too. Lovely colours of the yarn.

Shayla said...

Hi Monique

your dishcloth is really cute! I belong to the monthly dishcloth KAL too, it's so much fun.

I am your purse swap partner, and wanted to let you know I still am participating and let you know I read your blog.

I will be sending you an email soon
Take care

daisy said...

Hi! Thank you for the comment in my blog, nice of you to visit. I'm sorry you didn't understand what I was writing about. You're the first non-norwegian person visiting my blog, so I haven't really thought about writing in English before. Maybe I should, at least I'm glad you liked my blog!
You have a lovely blog! The dishcloth you're knitting is really cute - love the color! And the cross stitch was beautiful! I'll visit your blog again soon.

cityfarmer said...

How's the knitting going?
Are you still enjoying blogging?

Have lovely week, what's left of it .
After a holiday on a goes by quickly.

Paula said...

I love your crosstich of Marjoriene Bastin. She was one of my Mom's favorite artists. The dishrag kal sounds like fun! Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comments. I really have enjoyed wandering through your space and will be back soon!

Paula said...
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