Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sp 11

For the first time I'm participating in a secret pal swap, this one is called the sp11.Today I received my first package from my secret pal. Just take a look at all the beautiful things that she send me.

She send me those gorgious Lorna's laces hand-dyed yarn. What a beautiful colours!!!!!!
And a cute card with sheeps.

Another photo of the beautiful yarn. I can't believe that I finally own such beautiful yarn Ü.

And I got some more...........she also made these lovely socks for me!
They fit me just great.
Am I spoiled or what!!!!!!!!!!!!

So secret pal thank you very, very much for such a beautiful package.


corry said...

Lucky, lucky you! what a beautiful yarn...and those socks are so pretty!

Hemma på Landet said...

Hello friend!
Very nice.:-)

No, the rabbit is made by a friend. Have a nice day! Hugs Stina

Levin (and Emily) said...

how exciting for you - it must be lovely to get such beautiful treasures delivered to your door! one day, when my crafting is a little better, i too will hopefully participate in a swap.

Elly said...

Tjeetje, wat weer een mooie swap! Die sokken zijn echt prachtig!

Kieny said...

Lovely yarn Monique and the socks are very pretty. I tried to send you an email this morning but it was sent back to me!

Naturegirl said...

Secret pals and secret gifts are a JoY to give and recieve! Love the photo composition with yarn and photo of sheep! Well done! hugs NG

Ellie said...

Lovely gift!

TRACEY. said...

Lovely gifts and the crafts in your house are just gorgeous.
knitty, witty, woo

Dr. Purl said...

You are so lucky!!!!!!! What a great package.

littlewanda said...

Wow! How wonderful

Anonymous said...

I would be very happy if you come to swap gift with us!
have a nice day!
Mama from France
Swap gift communauty and friends