Friday, September 07, 2007

Here I keep lots of my treasures. These are my old,vintage finds and I like to make small decorations in my house with them.So sometimes these items are in this cupboard , or on a tray on our dinning table, or on our tea table.............
When ever I see a lovely piece I have to buy it Ü. Mostly I love blue and white and red or pink flowers.

This is a nice spot near the kitchen, here I also like to decorate lovely corners.

And here a photo of my lovely cat Diesel in his favourite place. He thinks it's only for him so when he comes home he walks immediately towards it so he can take a nap there and he doesn't like it when someone else is sitting in it Ü.


Elly said...

Gezellig al die spulletjes in je kast! Daar ben ik gek op! En wat zijn katten lekker eigenwijs hè!

littlewanda said...

Your home looks so cosy. I didn't realise it was a cat straightaway. Don't cats have such an easy life!

Naturegirl said...

Diesel has picked the best place for his nap! Your corner in the kitchen is charming! Have a great weekend!
hugs NG

corry said...

Wat ziet er dat gezellig uit! Ik hou ook zo van kasten vol serviesgoed, kom zelfs vaak kastruimte tekort. Er zijn ook zoveel prachtige serviezen om te sparen.En op de rommelmarkt of kringloop winkel vind ik altijd wel weer iets wat mooi in de kast past!

Levin (and Emily) said...

I'm like you with china cups and teapots - I've collected many over the years and I also have little plates to eat cake from - I have an eclectic collection and it's so much fun to bring them out for tea parties.
Your cat looks very comfortable - cats seem to find the best spots and claim them as their own. Cats are just wonderful!
Enjoy the last of your weekend - we have dutch relatives here at the moment so we are having a large gathering at my brother's house to celebrate their visit (my aunt, Inge, was terrified of flying over here but she made it!)

Mia said...

Clever Diesel for finding such a lovely spot for his nap. And I just love all your pretty china, I really like the blue and white variety (my favourite).

moderncountry said...

Oh wat een leuke kast met nog meerdere leuke dingen zeg! Zo gezellig en ook erg decorative..Mooi!Ja ik verzamel self ook wat, van rommelmarkten enn ok van de kringloop winkel. Ik ben helemaal gek op theekopjes met rosen daarop, en ook emaille. Ik heb net een brocante winkel in Lelystad bezocht, t` Brocantje. OH, wat hebben ze erg leuke dingen zeg!!! IK heb niet alleen wat dingen van emaille megenoemen, maar ook selfgemaakt jam, bessenjam. Lekker!
Ik wens je hele fijne dagen, en tot volgende keer (",)

De internet adres van t` brocantje:

Anonymous said...

Hoi Zus,

Die flessen vind ik hel erg leuk.
Gewoon zeker met matte verf dat heb ik gelezen in de ariadne.
wil het zelf gaan proberen