Thursday, November 23, 2006

I went to the first Stitch and Bitch day here in the Netherlands last Saturday, and I had a wonderful time!
It was held in an old factory and there was room for lots of knitting and talking, you could buy lots of beautiful yarns and knitting books. And there where lectures and workshops. The big event for me was that Debbie Stoller was also there.I have one of her books and I love it. Of course I had to buy her latest book , the Happy Hooker.
She also signed her books there. I went to one of her lectures and to her workshop about crochet. I had a great time.
I also went to a shadow kniytting workshop.
I had a lot of fun that day and also learned some things.I forgot the bring my camera with me so there are no photo's of that day.....
I will make some photo's of the lovely yarn that I bought when the battery is loaded afgain.

I bought this lovely snowman head last week, it's so cute.
I was in a wonderful swap for the elves: a vintage christmas swap. I will post photo's of what I send when my swap partner receives hers. Here is what I received from my swap partner Lia. I will make more photo's of it after the batteries are loaded again. I loved all the wonderful things she send me.

Here are some christmas cones I made for another swap. I also want to make some to send to friends and for myself.

Then another swap. I found a wonderful site about swapping a little while ago, it's called gimme your stuff. I found a nice lady from Singapore that wanted to swap with me. She sended lots of nice things. I specially LOVE the japanese knitting magazine, it's full with lots of beautiful things. There is no photo of what I send to her , becuase I forgot to make a photo of it..............


Anonymous said...

Hi Monique!

It's Thanksgiving Day here, and I just spent the last hour on your pincushion! I'm having lots of fun making it, but I apologize that it's taking me such a long time. I'm hoping to have it posted to you by Monday at the latest.

Looks like you're having lots of fun with your swaps! I'll talk with you again soon!

Your Mystery Pincushion Swap Friend

Anonymous said...

Stitch and Bitch, that sounds interesting! Looks like you've received lots of good things in your swap. Nice cones you've made to. I'm looking forward to making some myself.

Michal said...

hi Monique,
yey! i'd love to swap with you. i hope you don't mind it if takes a bit to travel across the ocean... ; ) when would you like to start?
have a great weekend,

Kate said...

Wow, you've joined a lot of nice swaps. So many fine things you've got.

lia said...

Oh, I'm so glad you received the package safe and sound! glad you like it. you are quite the swapping queen lately! I'm so glad you are enjoying it and being so creative! I love the cones! I like that you do so many different creative things!xxoo Lia

p.s. I'd like to add you to my blog roll~

Hulda said...

Hi! I like your little snowman face, very cute! ;o) I haven't seen that in Norway yet. And you got some lovely things in your swap. Have a nice weekend. :o)

kurogoma said...

Hi Monique, Glad my package arrived safely. Already emailed you about how happy I am with the sweets and chocolates. You have been more than generous. I am glad you like the things I chose for you, and I look forward to swapping with you again! ^____^

lia said...

Monique! I received everything this afternoon after I had posted a comment. I ADORE everything you sent! It is ALL very lovely! you are so generous. I LOVE the cone and was SO excited to get one! Oh, and the tin!! I will keep ephemera for my art in there for sure! the other crafting work is amazing. thank you so much. you are so nice to send such lovely things. Thank you again and again!

Deb said...

I love the fabric christmas cones! and the little snowman is adorable.