Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I don't know what's wrong with blogger, but it won't let me post pictures......
I wanted to show some pictures of some wonderful things I found at our thriftshop yesterday.
I found a lovely white pillow with a small flower on it, a blue baby blanket that I might turn into a bag, a lovely piece of fabric, some pink vintage knitting needles and a small yar with some beautiful buttons in it. All this only costs 2 euro and 10 cents.

I was real happy when I went home with my treasures.
I hope that I can post the pictures soon.

On 18 November I'm going to the first Dutch Stitch and bitch day in Rotterdam. I just can't wait !!!!! There are allready a few SNB groups here in the Netherlands but unfortunately they are not in my area.... So when I found out about this day , I was very happy.They have aranged a couple of things and 1 of them is that Debbie Stoller is coming. How great is that!!! Unfortunately nobody I know likes to knit and want to come with me to that day, but I have decided that I will go anyway.


FarmgirlCyn said...

Good for you...going by yourself! I have had to do that with my knitting classes also.
Blogger has been fussy all day....Could it be a conspiracy to get all of us over to Beta Blogger?

Paula said...

I belonged to a stitch 'n bitch group when I lived in Wyoming. How I miss it! You will have so much fun and meet so many nice people that you'll soon forget you came by yourself. I'm excited for you!