Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I have 1 more photo of a swap .
This is what I send for the vintage christmas swap to Lia . I had a lot of fun making things and searching for vintage items on fleamarkets and thriftshops. I still have to make some extra photo's of the wonderful things that Lia send to me.

Recently I have completed my magic yarnbal and it's send to my swap partner ,it's a Dutch swap and we have secret partners.It was such a great swap! I can't place a photo of it here because then I won't be a secret swap partner anymore Ü........

I went to a couple of bookstores here to buy some Christmas magazines from other countries. I couldn't find them anymore!!!!!! They just have stopped selling Christmas magazines from other countries .... can you believe that!
That's so sad for me cause I love those christmas magazines.
Is there anybody that might be interested in a christmas magazine swap with me????
I would be thrilled if there is , please let me know.


Anonymous said...

i would totally be interested in that. i too love seeing the customs and styles from different places. plus my mom is constantly giving me her christmas magazines, and they just pile up around here.

email me.

lia said...

yes, which one's do you want. I probably have them! email me and let me know. xxoo Lia

cityfarmer said...

Usually I have many by now....budget cuts and all I just dug out last years'...
same styff different year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monique!

Season greetings from Singapore. I'm Alvina and I would love to swap with you. If you like Japanese stuff I can get you all sorts of things even Japanese craft magazines and fabric.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Monique!

Thanks for wanting to swap with me too :) Yeah, we should set a budget say 10, 20, 30 euro? I'm flexible. I love girlish, cute and pretty stuff. Fabrics, trims and candies & chocolates are most welcome!

How about you what would you like? I'll try my best to get the things that I think you would love.

You can email me at

Keep in touch!


kweaver said...

I just received my pincushion from you for the pincushion swap. I love it! Thanks so much!

Michal said...

hi! sorry it took forever to get back to you (regarding the gimme swap). could you email me directly at mwright at michalwright dot com so we can decide on price range, what we want to swap and when we swap? i can include xmas magazines from the us for you too. it's america, tere's no shortage of those here... ; )