Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm pretty shaky still, a terrible thing happened yesterday afternoon!

We got a call from Desiree , my oldest daughter, saying that Astrid, my other daughter just had been hit by a car and that we come there quick!!!!!!!!
I'm sure you can imagine how scared I was. I didn't know how bad she was hurt etc. They wheren't far away as they just left on their bikes to visit a friend. I jumped on my bike and went to them. It was very near by but it was the longest ride of my whole life! All kinds of terrible things went through my head.

There where allready a lot of people helping, somebody called for an ambulance, another one was leading the traffic and another one was with Astrid. She was laying in the grass and was awake. She seemed to be ok, only her back and legs where hurting. The man from the car she has been hit by said that he hit her bike and she did fly through the air and landed on his front window. He was also very upset. Desiree couldn't stop crying as she saw it all. Then soon after that the police came and the ambulance. They checked her there and because of her back they brought her to the hospital. I went with them and Marcel came wit our own car. In the hospital they checked everything and also made photo's. They told her she was very, very lucky that the man didn't drove hard and that she landed on the grass and not on the road so now she has nothing broken. She really hurted her muscles and she is bleeding on her arm, a leg and foot because the skin is gone for small parts. They all took care of that and after a couple of hours we came back home.

We where still shaky , she was too. But we're all so thankfull that she is fine as it could have easily ended completely different.Today I can't stop thinking about all the terrible things that could have happened to her, and that we where very, very lucky! She sure must had a guardian angel with her!
She is doing fine now, only a little bit sore and her back is still hurting a bit.

The man that hit her called yesterday to ask how she was doing and just now he also called to see if she's allright. he told me that he was so upsett that he couldn't sleep well last night as he was thinking about the accident all the time and how terrible it was.It's real nice of hime to call and show he cares of what happened to Astrid.

I wanted to finish my banner but I just didn't feel like it. So maybe tomorrow I can finish it.


big_bucket_girl said...

oh my! how awful for you. glad to hear that astrid is ok now. that was a lucky escape! our 2 kids are too young to be out on their own on bikes and not confident to go on the road at all. i know i will bw a very worried mumma when the time comes to let them go alone. best wishes to astrid and your family as you get over this shaky time.

big bucket girl
(thankyou for visiting me!)

Mijk said...

Wat een schrik! BRRRR. ZOon begint net met buitenspelen (4 en da's pbest spannend!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Oh Monique, what an awful day. As you say, things could have been much worse, so I am glad Astrid is going to be fine. -As a mother of three daughters, I know how upsetting it must have been for you.
Warmest wishes, Niki.

hummmlan said...

I’m glad that nothing worse happened! I always have a lump in my stomach when my daughter Maya is away from me. Not knowing how she is. She’s only 15 months and I fear the day she be out on her own...
Kind regards

Donna said...

Hi Monique, I am new here and what a dramatic first post i read! You poor poor thing, how awful for all of you. I too have a 16 year old daughter and worry non stop about her (and my other 2). I'm so so glad that she is ok x

kelly said...

Oh my Monique! That is so scary. I can only imagine how you must have felt. Thank God she ok.

Marita said...

Ooh noo..I'm so glad she is alright and nothing worse happend. But it sure must be a shock for both you and the girls.
Take care over there!

Carol said...

Hello Monique!

What a shock for you and your family, oh my! What luck that your daughter doesn't get seriously hurt!

Well I'm popping in to thank you for stopping by my blog! Are you the Monique from the Netherlands who has already commented on my blog as anonymous some month ago?

Congrats on your still quite new blog btw and welcome in the blog neighbourhood!

Megan said...

My goodness, she must have had a guardian angel indeed. So very glad the story has a happy ending!

weirdbunny said...

That is so awful! I'm so glad there were no serious injuries.