Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I just came home from the dentist with my son Marco.
First I wanted to start preparing for dinner but then my oldest daughter called to ask if it's allright that she stays for dinner at her friends house, I said that's ok. Then a couple of minutes later my other daughter called with the same question...........My husband is working the evening shift so it's now just Marco and myself. So the cabbage, potatoes and meat will have to wait until tomorrow's dinner and instead we will have a simple bread meal for dinner.
So now I had some time left to do some blogging again. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a nice weekend with lovely sunny weather again, so we could sit in the garden.Today it's all a little grey outside again and we had a little bit of rain.

This evening I'm hoping to get my banner in different pink fabrics ready and I want to get started on a blue banner for the men in this household. I just can't hang a pink banner in our livingroom at their birthdays........

I'm searching on the internet for a knitted purse pattern for the knitted purse swap I joined. I just can't wait to get started with it.....

Here is a photo of some things that I made last year.My sister and I decided to hire a table at a fleamarket here in town and I wanted to sell some of my homemade things. But that was not such a good idea! The people that visited that fleamarket where only intersted in bargains. They almost wanted my things for free, can you believe that ?
We went back home earlier then planned and now I'm mostly giving them as birthday presents. Maybe some day I will look if I can find a nice craft fair to sell them, but it's hard to find craft fairs at all around here.

I liked to make this kitchen wreath and I'm thinking of making a bedroom wreath also. A bathroom wreath would also be great.
You just can hang all kind of things on them.


hummmlan said...

I can't understand that people didn't wanted to buy your beutiful things! At an craft fair I think you would sell all your stuff!
My fabric banner is ready. Thanks to you who gave me the inspiration!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Monique,
I know what you mean about finding the right market for selling handmade items. It's finding the right customers who appreciate all the skill and time involved.
Have you thought about setting up your own website?!!

weirdbunny said...

I love bunting up in rooms all year round!