Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I don't know what is wrong with blogger but it took forever to load these photo's today.I was almost ready to give it up because I want to go upstairs to my craftroom and finish 2 bunnies I'm working on. It's a present for a baby boy and his sister. Yesterday I wanted to finish my banner but I found out I couldn't because I ran out of white thread.......I have lots and lots of colours but not the colour I needed!!!!!! So tomorrow after work I have to run to the market to buy some.Here is a photo of my kids taken on our vacation in Spain this year,it's Marco,Desiree and Astrid.

This is a small table runner I made last year. I like to decorate with my old, vintage things and I'm always making little corners with them.

This is a small lap afghan I'm working on.

Let the cold weather come!!!!!

No on second thoughts, not yet.....I have my birthday in 11 days and I'm hoping that we can sit outside that day.

Here is a closer look at my cupboard that's filled with lots and lots of yardsale , thriftshop and fleamarket finds.According to my kids it's completely full now......

Is it?????????

I joined the thrifting challenge I found at the wonderful blog "Apron thrift girl".It's such a wonderful idea. I allways see the most wonderful thrifted things on blogs. I don't know if I can find some great stuff at our thrift shop but I will do my best.

There was also a nice button for the challenge but now I have to figure out how to put it on my sidebar ,as well as some of the blogs I like to read . I have tried, asked for help and tried again but I can't find out how it's done.Perhaps something is missing on my blog and I can't place these things on my sidebar.Could that be possible?

I allready got 2 lovely cards for my birthday from my penpals.This one looks like a vintage one, I love it.


FarmgirlCyn said...

You children are beautiful, the cupboard with the ironstone is fabulous, and the birthday card is one of a kind! YOU ARE BLESSED!!!!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Lovely photos Monique!
I think I can see a few spaces on your dresser for more Thrift shop finds!!

Hulda said...

Your kids looks nice! I love all your thrifted finds in the cupboard. It seems quite filled, I agree with your kids. ;) But, I think you could find another cupboard for more nice things. :) I really like all your finds, and your pitchers looks great. I love such things. Your card with the rose was beautiful!

Hulda said...

I hope you could mangage to put the links on your blog, at the sidebar. You have to look under template, scroll down to edit-me, there you can see how you should write links. Follow that example.

Donna said...

I can see a few little spaces that need filling ;-)

Kjersti said...

I love all your thrifted finds in the cupboard.

posidriv said...

Oh, that's a cupboard filled with goodies!!! :D