Saturday, August 19, 2006

At last it's weekend again!!!!!!!!!
I just came back from a bike ride with my son Marco. He is going to a new school in a nearby village this Tuesday. And so that he knows how he must ride we went together and I showed him. It's not very far, about 40 minutes by bike.

On Thursday I have been to the thrift shop together with my daughter Astrid who also likesgoing to thrift shops and fleamarkets. This time we didn't find much.When I look at other blogs and read all about the wonderful things they found at thrift shops, I get a little sad.....I think that I live in the wrong country....... It's real difficult to find vintage fabrics, vintage buttons, aprons, quilts things like that.And when I do find some the prices are very, very high......
Here is a photo what I found, it's difficult to see but the fabric is a lovely pale blue and white stripe.The yarn is a lovely wool and the small book is a thriller. What I love is the book called de smaak van het landleven, translated it's the taste of country life.It's gorgious!!!!!!!!!!!!It contains lots of recipes and the most beautiful photo's. I hope that everybody has a nice weekend.


FarmgirlCyn said...

First off....a 40 minute bike ride????? Oh my goodness! How old is he? That is a LONG hike! Good for him. Hard to be chubby when you get that kind of exercise daily! Hhmmmm....maybe I should take up bike riding! And second...beautiful book find at your thrift store! Don't feel bad...I often go to thrift stores and come home with nothing. Some of my best finds have been from garage sales, aka, tag sales. We are loaded with them from early spring till late fall. Then we go thru withdrawals until early spring again!!!

Sol said...

Hi there. This is my first visit to your blog. You have a lot of nice things here. The book looks great,with some really nice photos...
I wish you a happy week ;-}

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Monique- You found some great stuff! I love the look of the book- Country style is so comfortable.
Do you ever try buying on You can find almost anything you could wish for!!

Hulda said...

The book looks very nice! I could understand your language, it seems to have a lot in common with norwegian.

Karna said...

Thank you for your kind words in my blog, my english is very bad, so this is a short comment...You've got a very nice blog!

cityfarmer said...

blogger does that sometimes.
I have been away. . .but enjoyed visiting again today.
sweet photos.
I've posted a post all about a family wedding. Talk soon

Carol said...

That book really looks fab!

louise said...

Hi Monique, what a very lovely blog! That looks like a great book you found & very inspiring...

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