Monday, May 14, 2007

This morning I decided that it was time to place our furniture in other positions.
I have tried this before but somehow it never felt right and I ended up putting everything back on it's old place.
This morning I was very nervous because I had to go to the dentist for a check up. So I started cleaning and moving the furniture around like crazy so I wouldn't think about the dentist. When everything was on it's place I took a good look and I was very amazed!!!!!!! I really loved it.
So I'm going to keep the livingroom like this.

And the other good thing was that I completely forgot about my visit to the dentist.......well almost.
It was just a short visit , everything was just fine . When I left I got a nice present , a bottle of champagne .They told me that I was one of their first client , 25 years ago.
That was a very nice present.

Here are the photo's I took of our new after I was dome with our livingroom.


moderncountry said...

Oh Monique! Wat hebt jij een prachtige huis!!IK vind het ook heel mooi zoals het nu eruit ziet! De stoltjes van je vind ik helemaal te gek. Maar ik denk dat ik ze met een mooie bloemen stoff willen bekleden. Ik hou veel van de lichte inrichting, maar ik vermengen vaak licht met donker, dat wordt een leuke combinatie :)
Jouw hartjes zijn ook erg mooi, hebt jij ze self gemaakt? Verder vind ik het erg leuk dat je af en toe bij mij langskomt! En jij hebt altijd wat leuks te vertellen :)
Fijne dag verder Monique en tot volgende keer :)

Hemma på landet said...'s beautiful.
Really Lovely. Hug Stina

Simonetta said...

Ciao Monique,very beautiful, I love a lot your house, it has a refined taste, indeed!!!
I don't also like to go to the dentist, I finally have then only a pair of sessions I have ended :))))

Hemma på landet said...

Thank you, my friend! / Stina

Hulda said...

It looks great in your living room, when you redecorated it. :) I really liked the little birdhouse at the table, and all your baskets. :)

Hemma på landet said...

Thank you for your nice comments.
You make me glad. Hug Stina

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

You have a delightful living room Monique! What a tidy girl you are!
(Can I say it is very English/country in style!)
LOVE the bouquet of flowers on your table.

Hemma på landet said...

Oh, Thank you!

My white period started for about 1 1/2 years ago.
I have allways wanted to do something else to my home.

I was reading a Magazine when it said *click* in my head.

I started to paint nearly every furniture in my house.
I have saved some furnitures in there original style. But not many.
Just 3...hihi...

I love the light in the house now...It's so lovely to wake up in the mornings and feel *the feeling* of a New Home.
I can feel that the white is me. That's the point.

I like it when you're visiting my blog. It's nice of you.
Big hug Sina

Paula said...

Your house looks absolutely gorgeous, like a page out of a magazine.
...and champagne at the dentist? Who could ask for more...

Mia said...

Such nice, cosy pictures of your livingroom. It is really nice to change things around from time to time. Unfortunately I am not very good at it... but I do try to change the look with different cushion covers, quilts and small ornaments. How lucky you were to to get a blottle of champagne from you dentist. I only get a huge bill from mine...

Lucy said...

Monique-you have a beautiful home, I love all the decorative touches you have everywhere. Beautiful garden as well, love your patio space you feature in some of your recent posts!