Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I belong to a wondeful Dutch cross stitch yahoo group and we're doing an exchange this time.
I'm still working on mine so I can't show it yet.It has to be send in a couple of weeks so when my partner received it I will post a photo. Here is what I got, isn;t it cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here are some photo's of our garden. This is a wisteria I planted last year. We already had a wisteria for many years but it never got any flowers.....So last year I wanted to try it again and bought another one.
And finally this one has some flowers in it.

And our cute rabbit, beertje( little bear).


Hulda said...

It looks great at your garden table. I like your old zinc things.

moderncountry said...

Oh, wat leuk allemaal Monique :) Wat hebt jij een gezellige tuin!
Mijn tuin is niet zo groot, 5X11m. en hij is wat raar ingedeeld vin ik. Wij hebben verder niet zo veel met de tuin gedaan in de 5 jaren wij hier hebben gewoond, maar ik heb wel wat plantjes toegevoegd. Het kost ook heel wat geld..Ach ja, volgende jaar gaan wij toch weer naar Noorwegen. Ik heb het hier niet so veel naar mijn sin meer, veel heimwee..
Oh, ik ben behoorlijk aan het praten zie ik..hehe..Ik vind het heel leuk dat jij mij nu vaker bezoek!! Welterusten!!

ali said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your pictures are just beautiful!
Happy knitting-

stadtgarten said...

I also love wisteria and I hope we will also have one soon. The problem is that we have to find a place where it can climb without destroying something.
You are very lucky that the ney one blooms already in the first year. I heard it could take up to 7 years.
Groetjes, Monika

Kate said...

Lovely to see that the flowers is growing. Your garden looks very nice.

Hemma på landet said...

Really cute!Hihi...Nice!

The flowers are beautiful. Hug Stina

Hemma på landet said...

Hello Friend!

No, I'm going to sell lots off stoffs and things from my home, this summer.
Hihi...I did not realize that I had so much. Hm!