Tuesday, May 01, 2007

These geraniums are from last year. During the summer they where outside and in the fall I brought them inside.They still are doing great, with lots of flowers.
I really love these plants and I have tried to make cutlings from them a couple of weeks ago. They are also doing great.
Now I also want some pink ones.
I used to work for an elderly woman and she had the most beautiful geraniums.She had some that I had never seen in the shops.She gave me a cutling but unfortunately it didn't last long.Since then I always look for that kind of geranium everywhere but still no luck.

This is a wreath made with small, thin pieces of branches, I found it at a craft fair.

This is a country prim decoration I made last year.I'm very fond of it and I want to make a couple more of those country prim stitcheries.

And this is a photo of our toilet. Here is another country prim stitchery and I made the white wreath with macaroni and then I painted it white. It hing in our kitchen for a while and now I thought that this is also a nice place to hang it.


Cathie said...

I LOVE your home Monique - makes me want to come right over for tea.

moderncountry said...

Way heb jij toch een leuke toilet!!Jij geef mij inspiratie!
Ik vind ook geraniums heel leuk, maar ik weet niet war ik die moet kopen. Want in de tuinsentra heb ik ze nooit gezien. Misschien heb jij een tipje? Jouwe is prachtig !
Fijne avond verder Monique !

Rebecca said...

Wow, that's a macaroni wreath?? It's so very cute! I think it looks darling there. I also would like to try some of those country stitced hangings. I love them.

Hulda said...

I really like your photos from the house. It looks great. Your geraniums are so beautiful. I have some too, it is one of my favorites. :) And your small stitcherys are adorable. :) I like the hanging too.

Mia said...

I love geraniums too. Yours are lovely. I have only white and pink ones, but your red one is so nice and oldfashioned... makes me think og an old cottage with red geraniums on the windowsill and lace curtains.

Beautiful wreaths as well. I found the one you made out of macaroni quite facinating.

moderncountry said...

Oh, Monique wat bent jij toch een lieferd!!Ik heb self gisteren een hele leuke Pelargonium bij (suprise) Praxis gevonden! Een Franse Geranium. Roze en heel mooi! IK ben er hartstikke blij mee, maar ik bedank je toch voor je leuke aanbod!! Fijne weekend an maak wat gezellig`s van! ;)