Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I don't like blogger at the moment!!!
I have switched to the new blogger and I have been trying to post for a couple of days.
First it didn't let me post at all and today I could write but couldn't place photo's.
Then suddenly blogger was nice and let me post some photo's too.

I have been shopping today and I found these 2 lovely cannisters( I hope that's the correct word, I looked it up on an online dictionary. But they sometimes are making weird translations.)

And I also found this lovely cushion.

It's Marco's birthday on friday and I'm making him a blue banner. I made a pink one for us girls but he said he definitely didn't want a pink banner hanging in our livingroom friday Ü.
I will make some photo's of it tomorrow.
I'm also making some nice things for 2 swaps that I'm participating in. I will place photo's when it's done.


Ellie said...

Loved the canisters, beautiful rose pattern on them! Lovely pillow, too. Have a nice Thursday!

Kate said...

Those cannisters look really sweet. Lucky you, is really fun swapping.

Bye for now...

Anita said...

Oh, I would love to see your banners since I really would like to sew a banner, too! It's on top of my to-do-list... ;-))
But well, first of all, I have to craft all the hearts for our nostalgic heart swap!

I like your cannisters very much!

I am sorry to learn that you encountered some problems while changing to the new blogger version. I changed some weeks ago and it was really easy!

Have a nice birthday party today!

Greetings uit Duitsland!

moderncountry said...

I love your canisters !
Beautiful, just beautiful..
I wish you a cozy and warm weekend

Raesha D said...

OOHH the canisters are beautiful! What a lovely pattern.

Hulda said...

your canisters looks lovely, and the rose pattern is similar to a pitcher I have. It is lovely. And I love your cuhsion too.

stadtgarten said...

Very lovely the cannisters and the cushion.
I love roses - in the garden and as decoration on fabrics, china and other things in the house.

Groetjes uit Duitsland,

Simonetta said...

Loved your jobs,really! The canisters they are a lot of sweets :)))Have a great Sunday :))))

Terri said...

Those cannisters are great! What will you use them for? Do you know yet?

moderncountry said...

Thank you for nice comments. Of : Dankje Monique :=)
Hoe is het ? Ik zit hier in Noord Holland, maar ik krijg iedere dag bezoeken uit verschillende landen.
Leuk ! Je hebt een leuke log. ( of blog )