Monday, January 22, 2007

I don't know what happened but blogger was acting real strange these last couple of weeks. It just wouldn't let me post on my blog but I also couldn't write a comment on other peoples blogs!! I really hated that!!!!!But so far it seems to work again.

I have been tagged by Marita to name 6 weird things about myself and then I have to ask 6 people to do the same.
Now I must think very hard........6 weird things..........
1, I love thunderstorms. A lot of people think that's weird that I love them.
2, I cry easily when I see something sad on tv
3, I love to write letters to my penpals the old fashioned way with pen and paper
4, I don't like talking over the phone
5, I like peanutbutter with chocolat sprinkles on my sandwiches
6, I'm someone that has it cold very easy, but I love the winter when it's freezing and snowing.

Now I will look for 6 people to pass this on.


Anonymous said...

I love thunderstorms too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for joining my selfmade nostalgic heart swap! It's nice to have you in!

I put an email-address on my blog, could you please send me a little mail as I need YOUR email address for sending out further details to all participants! Please put "Nostalgic Heart Swap" in the subject line (otherwise, your mail might end up in my spam filter). Thanks a lot, I am looking forward to swapping with you!

Hartelijk bedankt en groetjes uit Duitsland!

Kate said...

Nice to see you back in blogging, I've missed you

Carol said...

I'm sorry to hear that blogger wasn't good to you lately Monique, it must have been something to do with the change from the old version to the beta version because I could not post on some Beta blogs either some weeks ago, but now everything is running well again.

Anonymous said...

Right, Blogger was a little bit crazy this week.
I was surprised to find "my";-) cupboard in your blog and you also have spaniels!
And now we are swapping together in Anitas swap?

cityfarmer said...

Number 6 and 4 I shall delete..otherwise I'm in!

Naturegirl said...

With a name like ~thyme&lavender~ I just had to stop by because I ~LoVe~ lavender!...came in by way of Anita. You don't like to talk on phone...I do find that a bit weird..choc sprinkles on peanut butter that sounds good as I LoVe both! Stop by and see my weirdisms as I had been tagged by 2 ladies.P.S. I too have a few pets 3 cats that I post much about.

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moderncountry said...

I like your blog !
I also live in The Netherlands. But i come from Norway.

Have a nice day :=)