Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have been on Ravelry for some time now and I really like it a lot. There are lots of great groups with wonderful people,lots and lots of lovely patterns ,kal's and some great swaps.
Here are some photo's of the wonderful things I received from some of those swaps.

Aren't these great swaps or what!!!


Mylene said...

Sure they are!!! Enjoy!

Elly said...

Ja, dat zijn super-swaps!!!! Veel plezier met je spulletjes!

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Oh Monique, wat ben je weer lekker aan het swappen geweest! Het ziet er leuk uit hoor! Hier zijn we momenteel in de ban van het poppetjes breien (zie mn blog), en ik ben net begonnen aan een verzoeknummertje; bob de bouwer (bah! ik vindt hem, na drie mannelijke peuters, niets meer aan! haha! maar ja, die ogen van dat kleine manneke deden me toch weer smelten natuurlijk!) Om te breien wel leuk hoor. Er is vandaag een briefje voor je gepost, dus je postbode is vast blij dat er niet zo'n dik pakket bezorgd moet worden morgen, maar gewoon een dun enveloppeke!


Hasbu said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome again! Your blog is great, I'll be visiting again!

Paula said...

Great swaps! You got some beautiful yarns~

Nicky said...

Swaps are so nice.I did my first one in february.It was a Valentine swap and over 80 women participated.You could'nt imaging what came out of all those boxes.We had such fun and it was great to see what time and love and energy people put in these swaps. I am glad to hear you Gwenny is doing fine.We are still struggeling with a second kittens that is not well.So lots of stress here!
Have a nice weekend

Moderncountry said...

Yes they are!!Great treasures!
I am shure you will have much fun with it :)
And how`s everything going? I am thinking about you as well, with your new house. All the decisions that you have to make. Are your satisfied so far? And when is it ready do you think?

We just found a new apartement here in Norway, and are planning to stay there until we`ll find our dreamhome. I am making plans myself, lots of hard work but also very fun to do. Tomorrow we are going to start painting the apartment. Every single room has to be redecorated..I think it is fun choosing colours and wallpapers. What about you?

And how`s the weather in Holland right now? Here it is 25+, that`s quite hot. I heard that you could expect 30 degrees?

I wish you lovely days,and until next time we speak, take care!
Hugs Aina

Levin (and Emily) said...

grrrrrreat swaps.
i love swaps - so much fun.

marga said...

Wat een leuke swapspulletjes....veel plezier ermee!!!

Sonnja said...

Leuk hoor, veel plezier met je spulletjes.

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn

Anonymous said...

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