Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm still here but unfortunately our computer is still not working so I have to use our old
computer and unfortunately it isn't working allways!
I hope that I can place this message. And sadly I can't post any photo's, and I have lots of photo's to share. I just keep my fingers crossed that this huge problem will be solved soon.
I have allso been trying to comment on all these wonderful blogs that I follow but most of the time I can't do that either, sorry!!!!!!!


Lisa & Gerald said...

I hope you can get back on-line real soon! I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Monique,
Geef de moed niet op :) De techniek staat soms voor niks he !!
Zo'n computer storing is ons ook al wel overkomen, heel vervelend maar het komt vast weer goed.
Groetjes, Janneke

Sandi said...

I am your swap partner in the Honeypot Swap and I must apologize as I have not sent your package yet. It will go in the mail tomorrow (Dec. 10th) and I hope that you will receive it by Christmas. I could not figure out what to make for you but finally it came to me, so I hope you like what I send.

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Hoi Monique! Je hebt het vast erg druk met het bezorgen van (vorige week) chocoladeletters, pepernootjes en (volgende week) kerst-taartjes! Ik hoop voor je dat de computer gauw weer in orde is, anders zit er niets anders op dan een nieuwe te vragen aan de kerstman...

Groetjes Mama lieveheersbeestje

kopciuszek said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is also so lovely and your decorations look great!!!