Sunday, July 22, 2007

We're back from our vacation in Spain.
We all had a wonderful vacation with lots of nice weather and we did lots of fun things.I will put some photo's here in several posts.
This is one of my kids and me.

These photo's are from the sea/beach that is next to the camping.

I will place more photo's soon.
I was very lucky to have found the French magazine Marie claire idees on our way back home in a small shop in France. And I also found 2 great Spanish crafting magazines. But other then some clothes and 2 bags I haven't found anything else unfortunately.
Now I'm off to read some blogs, I really missed doing that .


moderncountry said...

HOI MONIQUE! Welkome terug jij ook, wat leuk dat jij weer langskomt :) Ook leuk jou te zien! Mooie kinderen hebt je :) Lekker met vakantie maar lekker weer thuis te zijn, niet waar? Ik vind het heerlijk na 4 weken in Noorwegen. Het was so fijn mijn familie and vrienden weer te zien, mee te kletsen en dingen doen. Gewoon mijzelf zijn..Leuke photo`s hebt je ook gemaakt. Ik zo`n 300 denk ik..haha..ja, ik ben helemaal gek op mijn fototoestel..Ik heb net een nieuwe post gemaakt, ga even kijken als je nieuwsgierig bent :)
Fijne avond verder Monique en tot volgende post! Aina

Was het niet te warm in Spania?

Hemma på landet said...

So nice pictures.
You are allways so kind to me.
Thank you, so much! Hug Stina

ina said...

leuke foto van juw en je kinderen leuk dat je er weer bent k had al een paar keer gekeken weer op je blog ,wij zijn in juni naar zakynthos griekenland geweest gr ina

Anonymous said...

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Mia said...

Such a lovely photo of you with your children (teenagers)! You must have had a lovely holiday, but strangely enough it is always great to be back home again. I am looking forward to more photos of your holiday.

Swirlyarts said...

Welcome back!! I also read Marie Claire Idees. My sister in law has a house in France and goes over quite regularly so I get her to buy it for me! I'm hoping to get your Sweet Goodness swap out to you this week as I'm just finishing off a few things!

Ellie said...

How nice to see a picture of you and your children! Looks like you had a lovely holiday in Spain.

Paula said...

It looks absolutely beautiful. I hope you all had a wonderful time!