Thursday, October 19, 2006

Look what came in the mail today!!!!!!! A wonderful tea towel swap from Lori.I was so happy when the mailman gave it to me.

This was what was inside it.A beautiful embroidered tea towel by Lori with dancing spoons on it and 2 beautiful vintage tea towels.She also send me 2 recipes that I'm certainly going to try soon.Then she also send me lovely fabric and some beautiful buttons, a great magazine and a lovely....I can't come up with the correct english word......Stupid of me! I just love everything very, very much.So Thanks Lori.
By the way, she has a wonderful blog that is worth visiting. It's called

Here are some photo's of the teatowels.

I have made some more photo's of the other things she send, but I did something wrong putting them from the camera on to the computer. it's now too dark to get good photo's so I will made them again tomorrow and post them on my blog then.

This is a brooch I made yesterday. I found the pattern in a book from the library , and I like it a lot. My daughters already told me that they want one also.

I just joined a brooch/ pin swap over at swap bot and I want to make some of these for it.

Here it is on a knitted bag I recently have found at a thriftshop for only 1 euro.


Hulda said...

WOW, you got some pretty things!

Anonymous said...

I love the tea towel with the embroidered tea spoons.
I also received a swap parcel today. They are great fun, aren't they?!

laeroport said...

Yea! It is so fun to see the things that I sent photographed in your house. :) I'm hoping the post man is kind to me today and brings your parcel. And cute flower pin! You might have to do a tutorial!