Thursday, October 12, 2006

I have been to the thriftshop last week and there I found a nice vintage towel.I don't know the correct word for it , but they used to hang them in front of the tea towels.Here a close up of a small part of it.

Isn't this lovely!!!!!!!!

Then I found a lovely vintage Dutch tablecloth.I haven't found such great things for a long time.

I'm so thrilled!

This is a potholder I made for my mother.I don't know what happened to the colour? It's a lovely light blue but in this photo it looks grey....I have made another one in a darker blue colour but I haven't made a photo of that yet.

At this moment I'm allmost finished with a tea towel swap.I have bought a vintage Dutch tea towel and I have bought a new one that looks like some of our vintage ones.I'm allmost finished with embellishing it.Then I'm going to include something extra and 2 lovely recipes........When my swap partner received her package I will post a photo of it.


cityfarmer said...


Paula said...

Great finds, you lucky duck! I really like your pot holder as well.

Hulda said...

Your finds is adorable! I just love the towel with the lady in the dress. Lovely! Morgenstund har gull i munn. Very norweagian too. :o)

Anonymous said...

Well done Monique! You found some great items -Enjoy using them,

laeroport said...

Ooohhhh! Yea! If my tea towel swap is half as nice as your lovely finds, I can't wait to receive it! Your swap parcel went in the mail this morning. I meant to send it last night but the line at the post office was out the door! I hope it hurries on its way to you!


Anonymous said...

Lovely things you have bought!
I love old style like that ;)