Wednesday, August 24, 2011

swaps on ravelry

I have been into 2 great swaps over at Ravelry. Off course I have forgot to post photo's of what I send to my first swap partner.........
But here are photo's of the gorgious things I received.
The first is from the no money swap and Em send and made me some lovely things.

I just LOVE this bag. It's so cute and the perfect size for a knitting project

Some lovely yarns from her stash.

A cute hat and small bag that she crocheted.

Some nice patterns and stickers.

These can be fold into small boxes.

She also made me some cute magnets out of the small caps from bottles(is that the correct name???)But they're on my fridge and I see that I forgot to make a photo of them.

I have gotten a new partner to send to in this swap as my partner didn't respond. So I will make something new and the I will make some photo's before I will send them to the States.

And then I was in another swap at Ravelry , called the summer swap.

Here are all the lovely things I received from Angie.

All the gifts where in this gorgious box!

Some recipes, a cute sheep pencil( I just LOVE sheep!), lavender tea, hot chocolate.

A very cute crocodile box from clover( love it!)

And a beautiful necklace made by Angie herself.

Some nice stitchmarkers.

A cute cupcake pin.

And this lovely yarn.

So as you can see I'm really spoiled.

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