Monday, May 16, 2011


Blogger is acting weird again and it won't let me put the text where and how I want it to be.......
But I will give it another try.

I have been wanting to stop with this blog but then some woman over at the ravelry group de priegelaars convinced me to keep posting on my blog as well as go over to other blogs more. So I'm planning of doing that from now on.

I have some wonderful news.
The photo above shows our dog Meghan with her puppies, they where born on mothersday.
She got 6 boys and 3 girls, and they're so cute!!!!!!!
So adorable.....

I could watch them all day long.

Even though all they do now is eat and sleep, and sometimes I see them dreaming too.

We are planning on keeping 1 girl ourselves and the we have found great homes for the others too.

I have a few finished objects but I still need to make photo's from them. Will do that this evening.


Madelief said...

Hoi Monique,

Gezellig dat je toch doorgaat met bloggen! Wat ontzettend lief om je hond met al die kleintjes te zien. Wat is dat genieten bij jullie thuis met al dat klein spul om je heen.

Nog bedankt voor je lieve vakantiewensen! Ik ga er een paar dagen tussenuit met vriendinnen. Nu maar hopen op mooi weer.

Lieve groet,


Gerd@ said...

Oh wouw wat enorm schattig die pups jammer dat je niet wat dichterbij woont dan kwam ik zeker ff langs om te kijken ....

Gr. Gerd@

gillyflower said...

Oh those puppies! They are so adorable!
I am so glad you havent stopped blogging - have just seen your latest post and am in love with all your socks!
I love the pretty pastely striped ones, I so wish I could knit.
Love the crochert buntign - i can crochet and you have inspired me to find time to have a go at making some!
Found you via Madelief!