Friday, March 11, 2011

New York

My daughter Desiree and I had a great and so really wonderful time in New York.I just LOVE that city!!!!!!!!!!

It was cold and at first it was a nervous time for us because we didn't knew if we could fly because of the snowstorms the airports where closed. But at the time we had a flight it was all solved, YEAHH.

Here are some photo's, I have made 220 photo's while we where there and we stayed allmost 4 days in New York.

Time Square, so great!

Together with my daughter.

Here we where having lunch with a wonderful woman I have met through Ravelry. We had a lovely time.

Time square again.

A lovely view from the empire State building.

At Central Park eating a hot dog.

And another view from the Empire State building.

A church at ground zero. That was very, very interesting and it was emotional too. We both where very impressed.

A lovely view in Central Park.

The Chryssler building, gorgious!

And this was the hotel that we stayed in.

I really love New York and I would love to go back again sometime soon.

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