Wednesday, February 03, 2010

One small change - February,

My change for January went very well. I managed to say no to all the plastic bags they where offering me in the shops. Only once I needed that plastic bag becuaseI bought some clothes and they didn't fit in my fabric bags I carry in my purse. but I used it to collect all the plastic items in so I can bring it to the recycle container for plastics.

My change for February is to dry al my laundry in the air or in the attic on a clothing rack and not to use our dryer.

Here is a photo of our dogs on the right above is our oldest dog Duke. He turned 14 last year November . He is now really getting old. He is almost completely deaf and some of the time we think that he is forgetting lots of things and sometimes he seems not to know what to do .But he still seems to enjoy himself and he still loves to take a walk with our other dogs. He walks slowly and the other ones are running.
Hopefully he can be with us for some time.

And here is a photo of our youngest dog Abbey running together with her sister Lotje.