Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm a bad blogger I know.
There just isn't much time these days to sit behind the computer and there is also not much to tell and show. But that is going to change now. I finally have made some photo's of our livingroom . But unfortunately there isn't much to see yet because our cupboard and curtains haven't arrived yet. but they will arrive tomorrow and then we can start to decorate the walls, yippie!!!!!

Here are some photo's I have taken.
A close up from a lovely bouqet of flowers I have bought.

This is our livingroom table.

A flower arangement I made.

We have 2 of these, they are very comfortable and once you sit in them you don't want to get up anymore.

The brown cupboard and the church chair have moved with us, the other seat is new and we also have 2 of it.
The tv cupboard is also new.

The cupboard that arrives tomorrow is also white. As you can see it's a bit different then we had in our other house. I love this style very much.
I try to be back soon with more photo's of our house and new neighbourhood.


het lieveheersbeestje said...

Oh, Monique! Wat een prachtig huis! Ik vind die muurkleur ook heel mooi, en de stoeltjes, en de vloer, en....enz. Heerlijk lijkt mij dat, zo'n nieuw huis en helemaal opnieuw beginnen... Geniet er lekker van! (je hebt vast nog wel wat dozen staan die nog uitgepakt moeten worden..)

Elly said...

Dit is alvast een héél mooi voorproefje van jullie nieuwe stek! Mooie stoelen, en al de witte meubels staan ook prachtig!
Nog veel plezier en succes met het verder inrichten van jullie nieuwe paradijsje!

Mylene said...

So nice to see you back! And your living room is looking great. I do envy your talent for flower arrangement...heel mooi!
Succes met alles!

Christy said...

Monique, I'm sure you must be so happy to be in your new home. And I know you will do creative things with it. The flower arrangement is lovely.

Is your new home a typical new syle in the Netherlands?


Lisa & Gerald said...

Beautiful Love it..Great Photo's....