Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm finally back online again. You can never guess what happened here!!!!!!!!!!
Our computer just stopped working again gggrrrrrrr!

Hopefully it can be fixed very soon. For now my husband brought our old computer downstairs again so at least we have access to internet. There are several things that aren't working on this compter and I don't know if I can upload photo's and put them on my blog. So this will be all for now. Later this evening I will try and take a look on some peoples blogs and see if I can post a comment.
Hope to be back soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Over the last couple of days I have been trying to post here but blogger just wouldn't let me!
I just don't know why.
But I just kept on trying and here i finally am again.
Here are some latest photo's of our new house.It's going real fast now and that's great!!!
This is our house and the flag is finally on top. This is a view into our street. The houses opposite from ours are allmost ready and today we saw that the first 4 where allready been given to their owners. That means that from now on we can walk through our street legaly, instead of breaking in into the building side Ü.

The house on the right is again ours.

And I have received some lovely swaps and this is the first one that I will show, this week I will post about the others after I have taken photo's from them.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday is always my day off and usually I'm busy cleaning, doing the laundry, ....................I did all that but I also changed a couple of decorations in our livingroom.
I just love doing that!
This is something I really love poor mans silver, I hope that this is the correct translation of armeluis zilver. The small statue here is a gift my husband received for donating blood for many years. I thought it was a strange statue( I don't like it that much, please don't tell my husband.............).I tried to get rid of it , but my husband brought it back to the livingroom again and again. So I better had to place it somewhere in the livingroom for now!

These lovely medalions I also bought at the webshop zink&zo, and the heart was a gift from the nice owner of that shop..

And some more new decorations are placed in the livingroom.
The olive tree I had standing outside but because of the weather I decided to bring it inside. I don't know if it can stand inside but I'll just will see.

I have bought this cute heart in a garden center in Belgium a couple of weeks ago.
They had several sizes and I just had to buy them.

So cute!

And here are some photo's I just took. it's always so lovely to have many candles burning in the evening. This one is with the camera light on , and the others are without.