Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm knitting some socks again, this is wonderful coloured yarn from Regia. The pattern is lovely and very easy so I can knit this while watching tv.

I have received some lovely malabrigo yarn and some other lovely yarn from Eileen through a swap over at Ravelry and I will post a photo in my next post.

Here are some Spring decorations I made for our livingroom.

I really love those Spring flowers!

And finally we had some snow!!!!!!!!! We all hoped we would had some snow on Christmas, instead we had it on Easter.

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...
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Mylene said...

Lovely colour for the socks and a good start.

Great decorations and i do envy your creativeness as that's my weakness when it comes to decorations!

vosgesparis said...

i didn't realise there are people out there who still know how to knit socks ;) So bravo to you !

Carmen said...

Ja tuurlijk! ze gaan mee.
En wat een leuke decoraties heb je gemaakt zeer creatief. Helaas heb ik dat net niet in de vingers. Ik heb weer wat nieuwtjes te vertellen de maandag.
De sokken vind ik ook leuk fris kleurtje. En het de Interweave spring neem ik ook voor je mee.

Gr Carmen.

Paula said...

Beautiful sock yarn~ I have just started my second pair of socks. They are fun to knit.
Snow must be everywhere this week. We very rarely get any, but I woke up to snow again this morning. The third time this week!
Stay warm...

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Dat ziet er mooi uit monique! En die tafeldecoratie is ook prachtig, heb je die zelf gemaakt?
Ik ben blij weer eens wat van je te horen, alles verder goed bij jullie? Mail mij ander eventjes..