Monday, January 14, 2008

I just started this lovely stitchery. I found a lovely blog that shares a lovely pattern each month and this is the first one. I just couldn't resist Ü, you can find the blog over here

And I have been in a wonderful secret santa swap over at chookyblue. For my swap partner I made the post bag I wrote about in an earlier post and this is what I received from my secret santa. I managed to wait with opening it untill christmas morning! It was hard but I managed.
I just love the fabric that Janet used for the notebook, and look at that gorgious buttons!!!!!!

She also send me this wonderful card of a lovely Quilt card, inside is the patern for this gorgious stitchery that I definately want to make. So thanks again very much Janet.
You can visit her lovely blog at

I will finally post some photo's I received in a swap called christmas around the world soon.
I have been wanting to post them yesterday but blogger didn't want me to post them......


Levin (and Emily) said...

i want to join chooky blue's secret santa swap this year too!
looks like you have been spoilt.
i like your stitchery - i might just head over to that site and have a look. although between you and me and the rest of the blogging world i'm actually supposed to be doing the housework not sitting on the computer! lol

Paula said...

Looks like you received some wonderful gifts. I love what I received from my Secret Santa. What a fun swap that was.
I really like your redwork. Embroidery is still one of my favorite crafts to do.

corry said...

What a lovely gifts you recieved! SSCS sure was a great swap, I love to be part of this swap this year again!

Mylene said...

Such wonderful gifts you received from the exchange.
Your first block finish of the stitchery looks great and it's very tempting to try...

I have that problems too with blogger, hope it works better with your next post.

Janet - Wildcraft Farm said...

Hi Monique,
I'm so glad you like your gifts. It's very hard to make something for someone you don't know, but you really want to give that "handmade" feel to. I love covered books, there are so many things you can do with them. I hand painted the wooden buttons, the denim comes from an old pair of Farmer Rowes work jeans (promise I washed them first), the tape measure is your book mark/book closure, and the sand paper inside the front and back covers is for tracing around templates onto fabric. The Quilt Card pattern is one of my most popular cards, I thought you might have some fun making it.
I really enjoyed my experience in Chooky Blue's Secret Swap. I too was spoilt by Paula. Hope to chat to you soon, Janet x

littlewanda said...

That notebook is beautiful!

Simonetta said...

Wow!Great block for lovely BOM!Have a nice day :))))

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Hallo Monique, ik had gisteren ook al wat problemen met blogger, dus nu alsnog een kommentaartje.
Je brief en snoezig stofjes zijn aangekomen hoor! Heel gezellig, dank je wel!
Dit borduurblok ziet er prachtig uit, is het nu de bedoeling dat je er een quilt van naait?

Groetjes mama lieveheersbeestje