Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm very busy at the moment getting everything ready for our vacation tomorrow. But I just want to show the lovely things I received from 2 swaps I was in from crochetoholic.
The photo's are not very good, sorry.
The first photo shows the wonderfyul things I received from my angel from the May swap, Bernie. She send me the most wonderful things, great yarn, lovely stitchmarkers, a beautiful bookmark,hankies and felted soap.I just LOVe everything.
Thank you very much Bernie.

And this are the great things I received from the June tote bag swap. I received lots of great things from Robin. Wonderful yarn and fabric for the tote, a crochethook, needles, thread,scrunsies, beautiful stitchmarkers and koolaid. Isn't this great
Thank you very much Robin.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yes,just 2 more days and we're going to sunny Spain!
Then we have this as our view when we get out of our caravan for 2 weeks.
This is a photo of last year when we also went to the same camping. Normally we like to visit another place every year but the kids really loved it there. They have the sea just outside of the camping and Callella is nearby so my daughters can go shopping there and going out as well. So we decided to go back to this camping for as long as our kids are coming with us.

I just have received a wonderful package from my swap artner on the june tote bag swap from crochetoholic. I will make some photo's this afternoon, first I have some more cleaning to do.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I belong to a nice Dutch cross stitch group on yahoo.There we have a birthday list and we make cross stitch cards for the members that joined that list. Everybody has listed their favourite item for the card.This card I have made for a Winny the Pooh fan, it turned out very cute.

And on that same cross stitch group we also had a free exchange going on. I have allready placed a photo of what I received but now my partner has received her package so here is what I made for her, a needlebook.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The lavender in our garden is blooming so I picked some and I'm using it as lovely decoration that smells great too. Hopefully I can pick some more soon.

And here is another sock I have knitted. I just can't stop anymore!!!!! This is going to be the second pair of socks that I made!

Here is the other sock.

And I almost forgot to post a photo of my very first pair of socks. Unfortunately there was a small mistake in the colours that is showing at the toes. But I don't mind, they're my first and I LOVE them

Hopefully I will blog some more this week. Then I will be gone for almost 3 weeks because we're going on vacation to Spain on Saturday. The kids are all exhited and they're counting the days till we go for months allready. I'm also looking forward to a nice vacation in the Spanish sun.Especially since it's raining here in the Netherlands.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

We are very ,very happy !!!!!!!!!!!
This morning the school called to tell us that our daughter Astrid has passed her final exams!!!!!!!!!!!
And when somebody has passed their exams we hang our flag outside together with the school bag and some books.
The house on the right is our house.

I was at work in the bakery when Astrid called to tell the good news. All the customers kept congratulating my daughter and me. We sell these lovely small bouqguets of candy that are so cute, I just had to buy her one. I also bought some lovely pastry to celebrate .

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And here is my first knitted sock !!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so very glad that finally I have tried to knit socks and that it turned out nice. I have been knitting the second sock and allready I have bought some more sock yarn!

I'm knitting the heel flap on my second sock, sock knitting is going fast.

Here are some stitch markers I have made.

And over at swap-bot I was in a needlebook swap, I made these 2 needlebooks. The first one is made from japanese fabrics and the second one from vintage fabrics and buttons.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I have been participating in the Spring Fling swap and I completely forgot to post the photo's of the things I have send.
So I wanted to show them now, but then I noticed something..............there was only 1 photo left!!!!!!!!!!!!
The pink coasters I found in a lovely shop here in town ,the small bag is filled with buttons and the other patchwork one is a lavender sachet both made by me.

Here is a photo of my cute cat Diesel.

I have been knitting a lot last week on my socks and on my clapotis.
I have 1 sock ready and I'm knitting the second one. The clapotis is half done.
Unfortunately I don't have photo's yet because I have to upload the camera again.
So I show them in my next post.
I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend.