Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And here is my first knitted sock !!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so very glad that finally I have tried to knit socks and that it turned out nice. I have been knitting the second sock and allready I have bought some more sock yarn!

I'm knitting the heel flap on my second sock, sock knitting is going fast.

Here are some stitch markers I have made.

And over at swap-bot I was in a needlebook swap, I made these 2 needlebooks. The first one is made from japanese fabrics and the second one from vintage fabrics and buttons.


Craftypiggie said...

Awesome job on sock love the colors and i love the needle books is there a link where i can find out how to make them i need one lol
hugs kat

Hemma på landet said...

Really nice things you have done.
Hug Stina

Mia said...

Well done with your first knitted sock! I am so fond of crocheting now, that I find it difficult to put down my granny squares. I really recommend it to you. The stitch markers and needle books you have made are really nice too.

Marres Hörna said...

Wow! Really nice thing you´ve done! Not bad at all!

Hug Martina!

Hemma på landet said...

Thank you!
Big hug from me / Stina

Elzste said...

You see, you could do the socks. Nothing is impossible - just hard to do some times LOL.
Have a great day.
Love Elzie

Elzste said...

Hi there! Thanks a lot for your nice words on my blog.
Yes, we go away over the weekends rather much. Right now my hubby needs it as he works far too much. WE're building a garage and he works all evenings, after his ordinary job. This weekend we go away to the south of eastern Sweden again.
Have a great time.
Love Elzie

moderncountry said...

Feli!! Leuk hoor :) Je eerste paar?
Dat moet je vieren natuurlijk, hehe..ik was ook heel blij met mijn eerste kuusenhoez, ik kon bijn niet slapen de eerste nacht, haha..Het geef je so veel voldoening, het self te doen en wat te bereiken. Leuk swap ook, ik ben daar bijna verslaafd aan. Ineens heb jij mogelijkheiden so veel leuke dingen te krijgen wat niemand anders hebt!
Ik wens je een hele fijne somersdag, groetjes van Aina ;)

Hemma på landet said...

You're welcome to taste it!
Would'nt that be nice?
Hug Stina

Hulda said...

Your knitted socks looks nice. :) I have some too, with stripes on it. Your stitch markers and needle books looks sweet.

astrid said...

ziet er fantastisch uit.

Craftybernie said...

Like your socks. It's a downhill slippery slope from now on - I haven't caught the sock bug yet but I hope you're enjoying it!

The needle books look really sweet. I'm taking part in my first swapbot exchange - for bookmarks.

Have you received your swap package yet? I hope you have.

Best wishes..Bernie

Terri said...

And now will you come to my house and show me how to knit socks??? Please? I'll bake cookies!!

moderncountry said...

Hi! Hoe is het? Alles goed hoop ik?
En hoe vind je het met deze warmte? Ik vind het maar niks, het is te warm! Phu...Maar gisteren werd het wat kouder en vandag was het helemaal lekker met en frissere wind en lagere temperaturen. Lekker! Ik wens je een hele fijne week, groetjes van Aina ;)

Kate said...

Nice sock, I guess there are more to come in the near future. Isn't it funny??

Hemma på landet said...

Thank you dear!
You are allways so nice. Hug Stina

SisseLoise said...

Remember ho satisfyed I felt when I finshed my first pair of knitted socks. Yours looks realy nice with the stripes, funny with colors and paterns. Your Needlebooks are great to, love the fabricks. Hav a nice day, to all of you, pets and people:-)

Hemma på landet said...

Hi, you nice person!
Well...I make some of my clothes, but not these ones I was wearing on the photo.
Have a great day my friend.