Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally I can post again!!!!!
I don't know what was wrong with blogger, it just looks like blogger doesn't like me! All I was able to do was looking at wonderful blogs but I wasn't able to post any comments or post on my own blog.

This picture is very blurry but I wanted to show it anyway. it's my oldest daughter walking on the catwalk in clothes made by herself. She is has fashion lessons on school and they also learn to make clothes. Last week they had a big fashion show in a theatre. In the beginning she was a bit nervous but after the first round all the nerves where calm again. She did really great out there on stage! We where all real, proud of here.

Here are some photo's taken allmost 2 weeks ago. This is our view of the street when we're standing with our back to the front door.
Those trees are very new. There where big, lovely trees first but after several storms they had to be taken out unfortunately. The new trees are also lovely and they grow into nice big trees also .

Here are some lovely Spring flowers that I planted in old canning jars. I just love to make little corners like that.


Cathie said...

Love the blog Monique ~

I have added you as my link on my blog. Sorry I have not kept better in touch lately. I am now off to "catch up" with you and your lovely family.

God bless,
AKA The Bee Lady

Monika said...

Hallo Monique,
you have a very nice blog, I will visit you soon. Sorry, my english is not the best, but I like your photos.

Jess said...

Ooh, aren't those flowers pretty?
I sent your pincushion out today. You should have it before long!

moderncountry said...

Oh, wat leuk voor je dochter, en voor jullie uteraard!
Natuurlijk bent je dan trots op haar ! :) Leuk dat je af en toe bij mij binnenkijk :) Ik wens je een hele fijne avond en geniet van het mooie weer!! Groeten van Aina ;)

stadtgarten said...

I have had problems with blogger too in the last weeks. But then suddenly, everything is working normal again.
Congratulation to yout daughters first catwalk!
Your spring decoration is beautiful.
Groetjes, Monika

Mia said...

How nice to hear from you again, Monique! And what a shame that blogger is acting all funny. Hope it does not last, and that you will be able to post again soon.

Sarah and Jack said...

Monique, I am hoping you are the same Monique who was asking about the napmat pattern on my blog! For some reason your blogger profile is not enabled, so when you leave a comment it doesn't let me see who you are. (You can change that in your blogger preferences, btw.)

If you will email me at daisykins514@yahoo.com I will tell you about the napmats. (If you are the right person, lol!)

Lucy said...

Yeah for your daughter and her accomplishments!!

Love the little flower vignette you've posted. I'm so ready for fresh flowers to pop---spring here is soooo over delayed!!