Friday, July 28, 2006

some photo's of our livingroom

I have looked at so many lovely photo's of beautiful homes so I wanted to share some of mine. I don't know if I completely understand how this works so I just give it a try....

I love to decorate our house with old , vintage things and I specially love French brocante. I like to decorate with flower arangements, old enamel ware, linens, lace, pillows, quilts, afghans, teapots and teacups, plates, picture frames, canning jars filled with all kinds of things.....

This photo shows a part of the livingroom near the kitchen .

Here is our dining - kitchen table with my cupboard full of teapots, teacups, plates , linens etc. My kids allways say that I should stop buying more things because it's allready full. But then I just laugh and say "full , no way ".

A view from front to back.

A flower arangement I made.

An old cupboard filled with some more brocante.

The front part of our livingroom.


kreoline said...

You have a lovely home, I like the chairs in your diningroom. I too love old things and furnitures. Thank you for comment in my blog, i try to write a little in english, so that you can understand a bit of what the pictures is aboat.

Hulda said...

I really like your photoes of your home. You have a lot of lovely things. :) I love vintage and country myself. Old things are just beautiful! Your flower arrangement looks so nice, and I really like the cabinet with pitchers and other things.

Tussilago said...

I too like what I can see of your home. It`s stylish and cosy at the same time!

cityfarmer said...

You should be proud of such a warm place to call home.
I love white and all the things you' ve collected in white.
Is it ever evolving like mine?
Things change daily at our home, but I can't help myself.

Nice to meet you and I am sure we'll chat soon.

Marita said...

Your home looks lovely!!
I love old things so hope that when our house is all ready I can start collectimg more old things to make it neat here ;)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

You have a beautiful home! I can see the care and attention that you lavish on it, shining through!

weirdbunny said...

Your home is adorable and so tidy!