Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh my, I noticed I haven't been around for a long, long time..........
It was just a very hectic time with the 4 little puppies, Bonny, Britt, Bandit and Baxter. They all did great and the 2 little girls are at their new home since last weekend, both boys are still with us.Bandit will be going to his new house around half october and for Baxter we're still looking for a nice home.I haven't been doing much crafty things lately
A while ago I received a great swap from Vicki.She send me this great blue bag.......

With inside these cute photo's of Alpaca's, just love alpaca's.

And this great yarn in wnderful colours, she also send me a wonderful bag pattern and I'm knitting it at the moment.

This was what's insede the blue bag, a great pattern, some needles and a great book! Just LOVE it.

Then I also made these warm socks for the coming cold winter.
Well, this is it for now but I will be back more often now with more things I have made and some new photo's of our new home.